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Rather New Restaurant: Buona Terra

Hi everyone!

This restaurant is situated in the same grounds as Ki-sho which I blogged about previously and details on how to get to this place is also in that previous blogpost. It is housed in a pretty colonial house but this Italian restaurant is to the left of the "main" building, almost as if it were an annex. 

The layout of the restaurant is one I have not seen before, its just long and well rather small overall? Look at the pic below, its width only fits this table in the foreground and the table in the background + a walkway in btwn. So the entire restaurant is literally 2 rows of tables with a walkway in between! But then again, this can give a nice cosy feel because you know that the attention of the servers will never be too divided, and that there is sufficient personal space for each table.

I must first apologise for the lousy quality photos!! The lighting there isn't v good unfortunately :/ so I had to edit them a bit but the editing made them grainy.

The boy ordered their spring seasonal set menu (which changes with the season as what the name says), while I ordered ala carte! The 6 course spring set costs $128++. Will tell y'all which is a dish under the set menu or ala carte. They also have a degustation menu. Sorry if some of the descriptions are short! I cant really remember how the tastes of the boy's dishes are.

Our server was really nice! I told him I wanted to try 2 kinds of pasta but I dont want to order both. He said he'll arrange small portions of both for me so that I can try them! Great great option! I was so happy :)

2 type of complimentary bread

First you are served breadsticks - squid ink (seems to be a fad nowadays), sesame and plain. The squid ink one doesnt really taste of squid ink, just slightly salty. Sesame one was rather fragrant.

The bread in the bread basket in the foreground consists of a extremely soft fluffy hot bread roll, focaccia (think it was onion?) and not sure if there's another one. The bread roll was so soft and fluffy! The bread basket came out piping hot, definitely a good start to the meal!

Complimentary amuse bouche
Parmesan creme brulee

Rather innovative! Savory creme brulee. Its not too sweet and its quite a small mouthful so it doesnt get too jialat cheese wise cos the cheese taste is quite concentrated! 3.5/5

Beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese, orange & hazelnuts

Rather generous portion and you must be a beetroot lover to like this dish!!! The goat cheese and hazelnuts provide a good alternative taste to the beetroot, it was nice to eat them together! 3.7/5

Zucchini flower with King Crab & Broad Beans cream
Set menu

This was filled with fresh flavours, very light start to this set menu! 3.5/5

Crispy Slow cooked veal tongue with Spring Vegetables
Set menu

The boy said the veal tongue was really good, soft and tasty while the skin was crispy. One of the more outstanding dishes for him he said. 4.4/5

Tagliolini with Red Prawns & Leek Cream
Set menu

This dish reminds us of a Chinese noodle dish cos of the flavours! Tasted a little like there was wok hei haha. Smokey kind of flavour and even the texture of the noodles was kinda soft. 3.3/5

Homemade Tagliolini Pasta w Crab meat, Lemon & Italian Oscietra Caviar
Ala carte
($34 on the menu but with my "tasting" portion, I'm not sure how much they charged me in the end!)

Similarly the pasta was a little soft here but flavours were lighter with hints of lemon. Caviar really doesnt do much in terms of taste. Generous w the amt of crab meat. But I think to eat a whole portion of this would be rather monotonous 3.3/5

Crispy "Orbetello" Seabass Fillet w Crispy White Polenta and Sweet & Sour Onion

The sea bass skin was really crispy though a tad salty. The meat was very nicely cooked, still v soft and nice. Not sure abt the polenta & onions tho cos didnt try them! 3.7/5

Smoked Wagyu Beef Steak with Asparagus and Black Truffle

The boy said this was a little tough :/

Squid ink Risotto with Tomato Confit & Sauteed Squid
Ala carte
(Usual price $28, not sure how much they charged for this tasting portion)

I think its a nice refreshing change that the chef included tomatoes in this dish!! I've eaten squid ink risotto/pasta at so many places and have never had it with tomatoes and I think it provides a nice alternative sourish twang to the dish that I personally like. Felt that the squid ink sauce didnt really pack a punch tho, squid ink taste could be a little stronger! 3.7/5

Strawberry Salad with Vanilla Panna Cotta, Pistachios & Ricotta Cream

I liked this dish!!! Sour and sweet at the same time, great light refreshing end to a meal :) 4.2/5

Mixed Berry Tartelette with Vanilla Ice Cream
Ala carte

The boy told them he was celebrating my bday for me when he booked the restaurant then we thought they'd give us a cake or something. Then the staff asked me whether we wanted to order dessert and so I chose this Berry Tartelette and it came with a candle + the words happy birthday! They gave this to us with compliments. I guess this is a nice alternative to what restaurants usually do! Ie they just give you a cake w/o any choice of what you want (I'm not complaining, its alr v good they're giving it complimentary) but I guess this way at least the guest gets to choose what he/she wants. Not sure if the guests says no to dessert though haha.

The tart shell was not bad, super generous with the berries though! The ice cream melted super quickly haha and there were crushed nut bits below the ice cream! Would have preferred a slightly thicker tart shell cos you're basically eating berries only but still not bad overall! 3.7/5

This is the 2 rows of tables

Petit Fours

Some complimentary petit fours to end the meal! :) Tried the almond cookie which was nice! Cant really rmb how the rest taste!

Service was good, friendly, rather prompt though lacking sometimes. I really like how they allowed me to have tasting portions of the pasta! Was really happy about this :) 

I feel that this restaurant is like an unpolished gem that needs some improvements in the quality of the food and then it'll shine :) Its situated in a beautiful colonial house and has a rather nice ambience! 

Buona Terra
29 Scotts Road
Mon-Sat: 6.30-10.30pm
Closed on Sunday & on selective Public Holidays (contact them to find out)
Website (has their menus - ala carte & set)

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