Monday, May 27, 2013

Sophie's Bakery

When they first opened at Telok Ayer, I visited them on their first day and all they were selling were baguettes and some breads! No tarts etc which was what I came for and it was kinda like a mad house in there haha. So I went home rather disappointed and didnt have a chance to try their stuff till recently and boy was I glad I did :)

The boy and I visited them when they were closing. One staff had a rather rude attitude and told us in a brusque manner that we gotta finish soon cos they were keeping the stuff already. While another guy was v polite and nice and said nvm la just let them sit and eat! 


Raspberry Cream Cake
A sweet & moist cake filled w raspberry cream and topped w raspberry fruit
If I'm not wrong this is about $4?

We were blown away by this! Super pillowy and soft!!! I didnt think much of this cake cause it looks so full of cream and well not nice but omg I totally eat my words and v glad the boy ordered it! I usually hate cream and scrap them all off but I gladly ate all the cream in this one cos it doesnt feel oily or too sweet. It went so well with the tart berries and the soft and EXTREMELY moist cake! This is one cake that you seriously cannot judge by the appearance. Note though, this is only if you like your cake moist and soft. 4.7/5

Blueberry Tart
Should be about $4 too I think!

Now this isnt like normal tarts. The creme doesnt fill up the middle, instead the bottom is the "tart shell" only. Meaning there's no hole in the middle of the tart shell for the creme/anything. The "shell" is the shortcrust pastry/flakey crust kind, its kinda sweet and tastes like almond meal! Its a little soft but quite thick. Needs some getting used to from the normal tarts but after you get used to it, you'll love it! This was exactly what happened to me! The more I ate it, the more I loved it. Initially I chose this but didnt like it the first bite so swapped w the boy but then as I ate more bites of this, I told him lets share them equally haha. 4.5/5

I really love their bakes!! Will definitely be back to try out more and they have SO many new outlets coming up so y'all should be able to try them as well!

Sophie Bakery
167, 169 Telok Ayer Street (look out for the green sign! Its somewhere arnd the middle of Telok Ayer)
6221 6269
Mon-Fri 8am-7.30pm
Sat 10am-4pm

More branches opening soon:
Novena Square
Wisma Atria
One Shenton Way
City Square Mall


  1. wisma and novena sq branches opened already

    1. ok thank you! this post was scheduled awhile back so i forgot to update it!

  2. May I point out an error of fact in the Blueberry Tart?
    The bottom isn't "tart shell only". It is in fact a hollow sugar dough tart shell filled to the brim with almond cream and baked. After it cools, the whole baked item is then topped with some pastry cream and glazed blueberries. That's why you found it "kinda sweet and tastes like almond meal!".


  4. Sadly, they seem to have all closed down.

  5. Turns out they didnt have enough money to pay rental for their premises for awhile already, so they were forced to shut down by their tenants! Sad..


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