Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: JuzBread Mooncakes

White lotus paste mooncake with yolk
The lotus paste is smooth and isn't very sweet! Something that will please the older and younger generation alike (: 4.3/5

Green tea paste mooncake w yolk
The aroma of the green tea is so strong! Which is something I love definitely. The first thing Mom and I commented when we ate it was that it has a really strong green tea fragrance! We both love this a lot (: Green tea fans should really buy this! 4.6/5

Green tea paste mooncake
Somehow the green tea flavour isnt as strong as the one with yolk? But fret not, this will not taste boring even though there's no yolk! 4.3/5

Yam paste mooncake w yolk
Mmmm~ this was like eating orh nee! Smooth yam paste that isnt overly sweet! Just the right amount of sweetness, goodness in every bite!! 4.5/5

As you can see, this isnt the traditional kind of mooncake skin, but more of a crumbly/pastry skin that is fragrant and complements the fillings very well! Plus it is made on the spot so freshness is guaranteed! I really hope yall will go down and buy from this stall even though its less well-known!

JuzBread Mooncakes

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