Monday, August 1, 2011

Original Sin

Michelangelo's next door was full, so we had lunch last Sunday at its sister restaurant, Original Sin instead!

Board showing the daily specials
(FYI there was a set meal for lunch, even on a Sunday! Which involves a super huge tofu burger! D:)

Mezze Platter
A Middle Eastern platter with a selection of dips - hummus chick pea dip, aromatic pumpkin + carrot, eggplant baba ganoush, yogurt tzatziki, served with Falafal balls and pita bread

The dips were fabulous!! The pumpkin was really sweet and yummy, the yogurt tangy and wonderful, the chick pea dip was flavourful and the eggplant was mmmm!! :D Pita bread served was super crispy and a little fluffy inside, perfect accompaniment to the wonderful dips! Must-order I say! The Falafal balls were okay-ish to me 4.6/5

Supremo Pizza
Mozzarella, parmesan, artichoke hearts, capsicum, button mushroom, olives & Australian asparagus

Mom felt that the pizza crust was good! (: 4/5

Risotto of the day
Pumpkin, asparagus, rosemary, sage and parmesan

The rice was definitely cooked to the right texture and it was creamy and awesome enough for me to finish the whole bowl!! (: Though I felt they could've given more asparagus cos I only remember eating the pumpkins... 4/5

Baked layers of char-grlled eggplant, potato, tomato and lentils, infused with middle eastern spices, topped with a white sauce

WOW!! This was awesome!! But note: the taste of the middle eastern spices is pretty strong so if you dont like that kinda taste, do not order this!! For me, I love it so I loved this dish!! The boy didnt so I finished this for him (: It was so creamy and the spices just gave it that added kick and flavour!! Great awesome dish!!! 4.5/5

Lemon Meringue Tart

We all felt that the meringue didnt go well with the tart and the lemon curd was too sweet :/ The tart crust was alright, but wouldnt recommend this dessert :( 2.4/5

Apple Crumble
Stewed apples and raisins spiced with cinnamons served warm with vanilla ice cream

Now this is entirely a different matter. It was GREAT!!! Big chunks of apple with the aroma of cinnamon, mmmmm~~ Thinking of it now makes me salivate!! To those who love cinnamon, this is a must-try!!! The crumble was good to, as was the ice cream! But woah, cinnamon, I love you!! 4.5/5

Service was friendly and prompt! Overall, I'd recommend you to give this restaurant a try! Do note its a vegetarian restaurant, so to those who love your meats, I suggest you going with caution because you might not be able to take eating veggies only throughout your meal! (Thats what happened to the boy unfortunately..)

Original Sin
Jalan Merah Saga, Chip Bee Gardens

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