Saturday, August 13, 2011

Majestic Restaurant

Decided to try out this restaurant since it has been garnering much media attention the past few months cos of its chef winning some awards!


Parents commented that the teapot wasnt good for brewing chinese tea, as the flavour of the tea could not "come out"

Complimentary chips
Parents felt that it was good albeit a little heavy on the salt, hence I didnt try it as I cant take salty stuff

Foie gras, watermelon, duck skin, caramelized banana (set menu)

The parents are traditionalists, so they feel that duck skin must be accompanied with a layer of fat which this piece did not (so good for ppl who want to be healthy), and that the caramelized banana was too sweet. However, the foie gras was superb! 3.5/5

Lychee siew mai (ala carte)

Quite a novel way of eating siew mai! It was supposedly spicy, but seriously, for someone who cant take chili at all, this wasnt spicy at all! The siew mais are really packed to the brim with fillings! Meat/prawns haha, its really firm and sturdy and big haha. 3.4/5

Sharks fin soup (set menu)

This soup was filled with LOTS and LOTS of ingredients!!! Dont be deceived by the looks of it! Firstly, the sharks fin was a really huge portion (muchMUCH bigger than normal restaurant sizes, and bigger than Thai Village too), below the sharks fin is huge spoonfuls of crabmeat!! But mom says the broth was artificially thickened but the aftertaste of the soup doesnt make your mouth feel dry (like how it is after you drink a collagen rich soup like sharks bone soup) so she wasnt v happy about that 3.7/5

Foie gras with watermelon (ala carte)

I must say, they do the foie gras REALLYYYYY WELL!!!!! Its SO melt in your mouth type, just the RIGHT texture! Crispy and wonderfully melt-y and soft on the inside!! Goes really well with watermelon too! Which I've never tried though I've eaten considerably many dishes of foie gras. Excellent for a chinese restaurant or any restaurant I'd say! 5/5

Pork ribs cooked in some traditional way which I forgot what :X (set menu)

The parents said this was really nice and the meat was tender and good! 4.3/5

Scallop wrapped with bacon (set menu)

The parents thought this was an average dish! 3.5/5

Seafood soup with truffle (ala carte)

There were a few pieces of fish maw, sea cucumber, mushroom, 1 piece of truffle and 1 abalone (thats all I can rmb), all mini pieces though! The soup was good, flavourful but a bit too much for one person! 4/5

4-head Abalone (set menu)

WOWWWWWW the chefs do abalone really well too!!! We've eaten quite a lot of abalones in restaurants, but this one takes the cake! Its wonderfully soft and the sauce is mmmmm~~ Awesome! Parents raved about it too! 5/5

Canadian oyster with ginger sauce (ala carte)

This was one of their signatures. Couldnt really taste the ginger, though the oyster given was really big and fresh! Beneath the oyster was mushrooms, which was a novel way of eating oyster (to me) 4/5

White asparagus with caviar and tofu (ala carte)

The white asparagus was really fibrous-y, not very easy to cut at all. Caviar was difficult to it in the sense that it kept dropping onto the plate so had to pick it up slowly. 3.3/5

Lobster noodles (set menu)

The noodles were good, so was the lobster! Fresh! 4/5

Dessert cutlery

We felt that it was impractical to give such a long fork with such a small fork head because of the dessert that my parents ordered.

Fried durian (set menu)

My dad ordered the fried durian, and the durian taste was really pungent and strong! Was quite good!

My mom ordered the fried cempadak (if I'm not wrong) but she was totally disgusted by it, said it tasted like oil! O:

Anw abt the cutlery, they gave the fork shown about and a spoon of the exact same dimensions as the fork and they were impractical because they gave my parents a hard time when my parents tried to cut their desserts with the cutlery given. Sometimes practicality should win aesthetics

Aloe vera with sherbert (ala carte)

This was refreshing and good! The grapes were frozen! Haha 4.3/5

Complimentary mooncakes

The paste was a little too cloying for me, in the sense that after you finished biting and swallowing, there's still a layer of mooncake paste left in your mouth :( 3/5

Custard buns $12 for 3

The kitchen forgot about our order and made it for us after that but the long wait wasnt justified because to be honest, the custard buns sucked. These small puny morsels were filled with a too salty "lava", and its not even from the salted egg yolk, its just salty and tasted really weird. Please do not try this although the picture above of molten lava looks good. Not even going to give it a rating. Dad ate and disliked it too

Service was generally good, they kept coming to refill our tea cups cos the tea cups are really tiny too. It became quite irritating after that because ppl just keep refilling over and over again. They shld prolly give bigger cups?? Though all of the staff there are really friendly (: And I kept seeing Chef Yong (owner) walking around, greeting people, bringing them into the restaurant, instead of being in the kitchen. He seems to have many regulars who frequent his restaurant.

I'd say I wouldnt be wanting to go back anytime soon.

Majestic Restaurant
New Majestic Hotel
Bukit Pasoh

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