Friday, August 12, 2011

Farmers' Market, Loewen Gardens

Hi everyone!

I decided that I had to go to Farmers' Market at least once, so I went down last Saturday! The place is quite easy to find, so dont worry, just that if you dont drive, you prolly have to walk quite a long way! And if you drive, prepare to park somewhere else and walk because parking space is really limited!

Pastries from The Pantry (which is the cooking sch that hosts the farmers' mkt)

A booth

To the left was people selling cookies and on the right is Delcie's Desserts. I must say, all stallholders there are really friendly and they allow you to try almost all their products!! I tried the carrot cake (thing on the far right) and it was really moist. I tried the brownies too (squares in front) and they were the moist and a bit heavy kind of texture.

Blueberry muffin $5 - Delcie's Desserts

This was totally not up my/Mom's alley :( sad to say! I was hoping it'll be nice and all, but sadly it had no taste at all, even tasted like cardboard to me :/ Mom said it was the taste of flour. Idk, I couldnt taste blueberries at all even though I could see many of 'em. It was $5 for such a small muffin too, felt that this was really not worth the money. I feel bad for typing this because Delcie's a really nice and warm person! But sorry :( the muffin doesnt work for me!

Paella - $5

Wow!!! This was really good! The rice was really flavourful and for $5 a plate, you had so many ingredients (cant really see frm the pic) but lots of seafood was given! This was the small plate, you can order another for $10. I remember the signage which says they're from Bilbao, the new Spanish restaurant at 111 Somerset! Will prolly go down to try someday! They were also giving out jamon samples!

Mixed salad from The Pantry - $15

Basically you can choose from the diff salads they have on offer! Any 3 kinds = $15, of course you can choose lesser/more than 3 kinds! The tomatoes were THE BOMB I tell you!! Each big round tomato was so juicy that once you put it in your mouth, it pops and all the sweet juice spurts out!! Really really great! The quinoa was good as well, pumpkins were fresh and I had the lentil salad as well (at the background, kinda hidden), which was really flavourful!! 4.6/5

Chicken Pie from The Pantry

Mom kept commenting that the crust was really good, there was a subtle buttery taste which she loved and there were a lot of ingredients too!

Coffee Walnut Cake - $7.50

The texture of the cake is the reallyyyy crumbly sort, so if you dont like these kinda cakes, I suggest you not order! Though their cakes look SUPER tempting cos they're really in your face when you order anything from the counter at The Pantry cafe haha. It was studded with walnuts which I love, but you cant taste coffee except in the frosting that came along with it. Else the cake's like a plain cake w walnuts! 3.4/5

Popaganda Popsicle - Beet & Lychee $4

Have been wanting to try their popsicles for a long time and I'm glad to say that they've not disappointed me!!! It was a really hot day and this popsicle totally made it much more cooling!! It was refreshing and the lychee taste wasnt overly sweet! Tasted really real (ie doesnt feel like you're eating sugar cos yknow they use sugar to make it sweet or sth) and was a joy to eat (not just on a hot day!) 4.5/5

Raisin Scone - $4.50

Their scones are really yummy and huge!!!!! Though I ate it the next day and reheated it, it was still crumbly on the outside and fluffy on the inside!!! Really really good scone! 4.6/5

Most of the people at the market were expats, so it kinda felt like you aren't in Singapore anymore. And the place is quite small so it gets crowded quite easily! The Pantry offers the usual breakfast items as well - pancakes/french toasts/breakfast stuff - eggs, bacon, toasts, grilled tomatoes etc stuff oh and quiches too (which are rather huge). Actually portions at The Pantry are rather huge haha. Most of the stalls were selling stuff like olive oil/jams/diff kinds of dips. Some stalls sold pasta, 1 sold fruits, 1 sold vegetables, 1 sold kebabs. There were about 10 odd stalls? Yup, but the tenants change so it really depends!

I'd say it was an experience for me but I certainly wouldnt be itching to go back again.

Farmers' Market
The Pantry Cooking School
Loewen Gardens

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