Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Muffinry - Quality muffins & superb tarts!

While surfing the net for food, I chanced upon this newly established place that sells muffins. Situated at Telok Ayer Street, near Chinatown, it was not as difficult as we thought it was to find it.

Even before entering The Muffinry, we could tell that this quaint bakery & cafe was promising! A delectable range of tarts and sweet treats were being displayed at the front of the shop! After entering the shop, it took us awhile before realizing our primary aim was to try the muffins because the tarts looked SOOO GOOD!

The owners of the cafe were really friendly and nice! They introduced the products that they had and offered their help readily as well (: When we saw the muffin flavours available that day, we were a little disappointed that they didn't have the rum & raisin muffin that we wanted to try which we saw on their website. But in the end, we bought 5 muffins and 2 tarts that afternoon to satisfy our cravings. The muffins were heated up before being brought to us.

First off, the Double Chocolate Muffin. Made with Valrhona chocolate, this muffin does taste different from the usual chocolate muffin. The muffin does not get stuck at the top of your mouth after biting it. It is exceptionally smooth and aromatic. Don't call me a kid but I go crazy whenever when I see melted chocolate bits in a muffin. Honestly, who doesn't like the sight of it? Plus this muffin isn't too sweet, and the warm fuzzy feeling you get from eating chocolate just makes this divine! 4/5

Green eggs and ham
Bacon, ham chunks & creamy avocado
The boy had this and said that the muffin was really good! I'll get more of his comments when I next talk to him to give a better review!

Signature spiced carrot
Featuring our special spice blend and lots of walnuts and raisins
Well I'd say they really meant it when they say "lots of walnuts and raisins" because you can find walnuts and raisins studded throughout the muffin! I dont know how they decide on the amazing muffin:ingredient ratio, but this muffin sums up how perfectly they manage to determine that ratio! Because there are chunks of walnuts in there plus raisins but somehow it doesnt seem too much and neither is it too little! Conversely, you'd find that in a muffin for its size, its one of the most value-for-money muffin buy I've ever had! Plus the quality of ingredients used can definitely be seen.

The aroma of the muffin is just SHOW-STOPPING I tell you. Totally had a foodgasm twice when I had this muffin!! When the owner brought the plate of muffins to our table, the first thing we could smell was the wonderful aroma of cinnamon wafting from this awesome muffin! True enough, we were not disappointed by this muffin!! It was hands down the best muffin that day and the BEST MUFFIN I've eaten in my entire life!!!!

Their special spice blend is really special I tell you. Wonderful wonderful muffin!! MUST-TRY!!!! You'll never regret it. We bought the muffin back for our parents to try and they all agreed that its a very good muffin and very aromatic!!! 6/5!!!

Apple Blueberry Crumble Muffin
First bite of the muffin and you'll be amazed at the texture of the muffin - it was so soft and fluffy! The apple bits were crisp and maintained their crunchiness, which gave the muffin an interesting blend of textures! 4/5

Banana, walnuts and chocolate chips
It is not easy to find a muffin that has a good balance of chocolate chips and banana. But here at The Muffinry, you can find just the right chocolate banana muffin. The chocolate chips was spread evenly within the muffin and with each bite you can taste the chocolate and the wonderful aroma of the banana muffin! This makes it the perfect muffin. Their banana muffin is really really good! Hands-down one of the best I've eaten 4.8/5

Dark Chocolate Tart
Rich dark chocolate ganache in a buttery tart shell served with strawberries and cream
OMGGGG THIS IS FOODGASM AGAIN. The tart crust was of just the right thickness (dont be fooled by how thin it looks in the picture) and the perfect amount of crunchiness! The ganache was thick and dark and sexy, like how a dark chocolate tart should be! I feel that this wins Laurent Bernard's totally, and we couldnt stop gushing about how awesome this tart was! THE TARTTTTTT~~~ Missing it now! ANOTHER MUST-TRY! 6/5

Creme Brulee Tart
This was easily one of the BEST DESSERTS I'VE EVER EATEN in my life!!!!! And the BEST dessert we ate that day (although all we had was awesome that day). OMGGGG THIS IS PERFECT PERFECT PIECE OF ART I TELL YOU! The tart base, dont even get me started. Was so crumbly but crunchy at the same time, different from the one in the chocolate tart. This was more of a shortbread kind of crust I'd say. And my oh my was it so divine to eat!

The creme brulee was made with real vanilla pods as we could see the specks of vanilla which made the custard really yummy and delicious! Again this wasn't too sweet and the burnt sugar gave it a good texture as well. Overall, GREAT GREAT take on the dessert!!!

Plus the guy who made it told me that it was his first try making tarts and I was so shocked! This definitely is an amazing tart that I'd go back for again and again!! 6/5

We were soooooo delighted at the food we ate that we bought 7 muffins home and 3 tarts! In total, we bought 12 muffins and 5 tarts that day, that's how awesome their food is (:

Also you can tell they're eco-friendly! Which makes me love this bakery/cafe even more! (: Love the bag that they gave to put your takeaway box in! The owners are really friendly and cheerful and a really nice to talk to!

The Muffinry
112 Telok Ayer Street

Open on weekdays 8am-5pm and Saturday 10-4pm (I'm so glad they decided to open officially on Saturdays too 'cos previously it was only weekdays!)

Note: if you're driving there, rmb to put parking coupon! Because they frequently go to check!


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  1. there need to be more nice muffin shops around! too much of a cupcake wave already

  2. cheers for the intro on this bakery,i'm a choc tart-holic, great to see a reasonably priced one there,can't wait to try out!

  3. knockonfood: yea I agree! (:

    adel: yea should totally go try it!! Its wonderful! (:


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