Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Restaurant: Bomba

Now the craze in Singapore seems to be Spanish tapas restaurants! Bomba Paella Bar, as the name suggests, serves paella and is certainly serves more traditional Spanish food vs some of the tapas bars in Singapore! Do note that I visited Bomba on 27 Oct 2012 and the menu has since changed a little!

Quite small interior. Try and spot this counter that's particularly bright next to the huge ass painting at the background of the picture on the right. That's where you can find the "fresh" seafood of the day, pick what you like and the chef'll cook it for you! Alternatively you can refer to the black boards on top or ask the wait staff what's available.

White sangria!

La Plancha Razor Clams

Basically the method of cooking is grilling and these were super super plump!!!! Fat and fresh. 3.8/5

Plancha Carabeneros 

V juicy prawns!! The meat is quite little though for a prawn this size! A little on the dry side for me but nicely seasoned 3.8/5

Arroz Negro
$35 (S)
A wet paella of squid ink, squid, dry sherry, fish stock, spring onions & black mushrooms

This was um a tad too salty for us? Its not the squid ink salty kind of salty, its just a slight overuse of salt? It was really wet no doubt, in a good way :) Little morsels of squid sprinkled throughout, not a bad rendition though. Oh yes, there are 3 sizes for the paella; small, medium and large, this is small! 3.6/5

Chilli Roasted Quail,
Golden Sultana Quinoa
Chilli, lemon juice and honey marinade, caramelized grilled quail served with quinoa tabouleh

This was cooked over "loko mangrove charcoal spiced with apple branch wood chips" and I tell you its tastes good. Tender and nicely roasted! Like the slight charred taste from the roasting and the hints of caramelized sweetness! However I think they took this off the menu alr? Cos the current dinner menu posted on their website does not feature this dish anymore and the menu has also changed a little from when I visited! 4.2/5

Sea Bream

Not sure how this was cooked but it was one of the seasonal specials of the day. The two blobs of sauce went quite well w the fish, if only they gave us more so that we can eat the back part of the fish w the sauce as well! The red one's a tomato based paste (not like ketchup) and I forgot what the yellow one was heh. Anw the fish is really really fresh, not overcooked at all, juicy and yumz. Really nice to share this fish! 4.2/5

Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Salted Cod Brandade
Baked with maschego

I must say I really love the maschego cheese here! Its totally the star of the show! You can only taste hints of my lovely roasted piquillo pepper, the salted cod brandade... not really. Great to eat it when warm with that heavenly cheese~ 4.2/5

Clams, Sherry & Ham
Stew of shallots, garlic, cubed ham, clams, sherry and parsely

A very normal dish of steamed clams I feel just that this has a lil more alcohol to it? Go for it if you're really hankering for clams. 3.5/5

Roasted King Scallops, Iberico Ham, Broad Beans
Scallops a la plancha, with a stew of braised beans, dry ham and chicken stock

Scallops were really quite big but were a lil tasteless for me though nicely roasted. The big slice of ham is dried so doesnt taste like the jamon we eat, its thinner, slightly crispier and harder! 3.9/5

Langoustine Squid & Prawns Paella
$40 (S)
Seafood paella, cooked with tomatoes and seafood stock

This one really has a lot of ingredients!! I think there were 4 prawns, 3-4 clams and some squid in there.  This one's drier vs the squid ink and similarly a tad too salty for us. Quite flavourful though, 3.5/5

Bitter chocolate ice cream, sour dough bread and salted olive oil

I think $14 for this is a lil expensive? The ice cream isnt really um cold haha and has a texture like a mousse? The white stuff you see on top is actually salt! But the ice cream is good though, really is q bitter, v yummy :) The olive oil didnt really add much to this dish, neither did the sour dough? 3.4/5

Do note that there is NO service charge at Bomba. The service that night was quite slow, we had to tell them quite a lot of times to refill our water. Our dessert took super long to come vs the oth main dishes which came quickly in succession. Though it was slow, they are polite and are helpful :) 

Perhaps my expectations for Bomba were raised really high due to all the praise beforehand. After having visit it, I must must agree that the menu certainly looks darn good and perhaps its because I didnt try their special dishes like the suckling pig and the iberico cooked on the coal pit. But I did try the paella and well, firstly it was salty for us and secondly flavours just didnt shine through as strong as the ones we had in Spain so :/ 

Do note that your table will only be held for 15mins and that for reservations under 5 ppl, they require the table back within 1h 45mins!! They have a promotion going on called Plancha time so do check out their fb page for more updates! :)

38 Martin Road (yes same place as Kha!)

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