Monday, November 12, 2012

New Restaurant: The Sushi Bar

The Sushi Bar was featured in the Lifestyle Weekend section of 2 Nov's papers and the boy and I decided to head down for lunch on 2 Nov itself to try it out!


Think this was about $18 or so? Around that price range and for that price, I expected a bigger piece of unagi! The unagi arrives piping hot and a downside is that its not cut already! So its just one chunk of unagi and yknow in jap restaurants, you dont really have knives as cutlery so you gotta use the chopsticks to cut this and it isnt exactly very fun doing it so I'd suggest they cut it up!! Taste-wise, this was average. 3.5/5

Aburi Salmon Soft Shell Crab Sushi

The boy had this and he said can taste the soft shell crab unlike some oth places where its more flour haha. Nicely seared yummy salmon too :) 4/5

Chicken Katsu

This is part of the lunch "sets" and doesnt come w rice, only chicken! And as you can see, 2 v distinct colours of chicken, we suspect the darker coloured one is a leftover? Nonetheless, the boy said the chicken's v normal, nothing special and he probably wont order it again. 2.8/5

Premium Chirashi

Its around that price stated above, and I feel this is super value for money!!! There is SO much variety here. There's salmon sashimi, then aburi salmon, then akagai (omg!), and aburi UNI (!!!), slabs of tuna, salmon roe, octopus, tamago, aburi swordfish, and another aburi fish which I do not know the name of, yellow tail, I think the one behind the salmon roe is scallop? Not sure. But my oh my, look at the list!!!! Fsh is definitely quite fresh and v generous portions! Though I'd like the sashimi to be a lil colder. Rice I would say, not seasoned enough for me but with the yummy sashimi, who's complaining? :) 4.3/5

Close up shot of the akagai

The Sushi Bar is a small shop located in Far East Plaza, really small shop!! Service was okay. I'd say the sushi is quite value for money and the menu has all the usual items in a sushi restaurant. I'd say go for the sushis and the chirashi! They have quite a lot of rather cheap rice bowls as well so you might wanna give it a try if you're in the vicinity.

The Sushi Bar
#03-89 Far East Plaza
Mon-Sun 12-9.30pm

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