Thursday, November 15, 2012

Revamped: Marriott Cafe Sunday Brunch

Since aft Marriot Cafe was revamped, reviews online seem to sing praises about their brunch, the boy and I decided to head down for Sunday Brunch! 

Its quite spacious!

And here's what they have to offer: 

If you can spot the oysters at the back.... Its rather hard to take them since they're all the way at the back and I dont know if this is some tactic to make ppl take less oysters or something but I certainly feel that they shld all be spread out!

Sashimi wasnt cold enough

Cheeses at the back arent for you to take!

Cheese section depleted q quickly and wasnt refilled till very long later

DIY salad!

Sauces and pre-mixed salad at the left

Selections of bread

Dessert!!! Thought they look really pretty, they're v average :( Actually Marriott has one of the worst dessert standards I've met! The trifles in the middle, not cold enough at all. Can you imagine eating cream, syrup and fruits that arent cold? The cream puff to the left was kinda hard and filling was not discernible. The blackforest at the back was passable. Tiramisu, barely any alcohol and biscuits. Didnt try the red velvet.

Didnt try these pralines as well

Cheesecake at the extreme left
Next is called Saint Marc and this was not bad
Didnt try the small shooters in the middle
The choc cake was not bad, though choc taste couldve been stronger
Fruit frangipane to the right and this was ok.

Didnt try these


They also have an ice cream selection, with a variety of flavours and lots of toppings to choose from. The coconut is good though, strawberry's not bad.

Lobsters! Quite fresh though not particularly sweet tasting

Fried veg

Korean glass noodles made on the spot!!

Hainanese Chicken Rice

The boy said this was GOOOOOOOD. Like super super good and he kept going back for more! 

These are side dishes and one thing diff about Marriott is that they have a SUPER big range of side dishes to go w your mains!! Mainly beg though

The skin of this is super crackly and meat was yummy too! 

In front, you have a variety of sides! The roasted sweet potato was THE BOMB. I ate so much of it :)

Lasagne and mac & cheese

This was a seafood soup like thing and this was quite good! Lots of mussels, prawns, fish, and the broth was quite nice!

Overall, I feel that the cold seafood here (oysters, lobsters) are definitely the main highlight though they arent particularly good either and the mains are quite good too! Desserts are lacking in quality I feel.

Marriott Cafe
Marriott Hotel
Website (you can find the pricelist there!) 

Sunday Brunch 12-2.30pm
Adult $55++ (Free flow coffee & tea, free flow of wines & beer available, free flow of champagne available as well with top-ups)
Child $30++

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  1. The restaurant certainly looks refreshed but the quality of the buffet certainly looks the same as before.


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