Saturday, November 3, 2012

Isetan Hokkaido Harvest & Food Fair (2 Nov - 11 Nov)

Isetan is always having Japanese fairs which is a SUPERB thing for foodies like me hehe. But well, totally not good for my $$$$ stash. Always depletes quickly when I'm there!

Some highlights of things they have this time (am listing things I didnt take pics of):

  • Lavender ice cream & vanilla ice cream from Hokkaido + lots of lavender scented products!! $6.50 per cone of ice cream! Really wanna try the lavender one, will probably go back to give it a try!
  • Croquettes, HUGEASSSSS king crabs!!! -> they seem to have this at every fair
  • Cream puffs, vanilla swiss rolls
  • Parfaits! They have matcha, WHITE, melon etc flavours
  • Japanese Fish balls (this is towards the end of the supermarket)
  • Crepe cakes (there's cheese flavour! Choc and strawberry too! This is towards the end of the supermarket too)
  • Dried seafood
  • Lots of frozen Jap fish

This is a stall selling these lovely swiss rolls! The filling is made of berries special to Hokkaido The Haskap roll (the one in the 1st pic and at the top of this pic), there are no samples for that but you can sample the jam in it! Its sour but not overly so, with a tinge of sweetness! Balances the slightly sweet sponge cake perfectly and the cream used in the swiss roll tastes like cheese!! Vvvvvv good but expensive!! It is $8.50 per slice in the first pic! Of course they sell it for a longer roll but cant rmb how much that is!

The cassis roll, there's a tester for this and this is sweeter than the Haskap rolls generally.

This stall also sells the jam made from the diff berries & yoghurt smoothie made on the spot!

The very kind Jap man here let me try a haskap berry (idk if its called that haha but am assuming) and it was not too sour really but appetising! :)

Apple Pie | Apple Chiffon Cake

Apple Tart | Cheesecake

The apple tart has samples and its like v little tart, LOTS of apple slices haha

Cheesecake tester!

THIS IS SO GOOD. SO. GOOD. The cheese is so smooth and not too creamy, loved it so much!!! According to the sales aunty, the Jap guy only brought in 30 boxes of this cos he thought not many ppl will buy it and on 2 Nov before like 3+pm, 15 boxes were alr sold out! Am not sure if this is a marketing ploy or sth hahah but well I kinda believe it? Cos its so yummy! The jap man here at this booth is so sincere and polite :)

HUGE scallops + squid being grilled!!!!!


Shiroi Koibito's Chocolate Drink!!! Yes its the famous bai se lian ren! V ex though think its $5 for this small can!

BIG frozen scallops

Think this was some high grade pork, sorry didnt take note!

Our grilled scallop! Asked for w/o sauce. Sauce is basically the yakitori kinda sauce. The scallops are v nicely grilled, the part below the roe is soft and quite sweet!! 

Ok this is not part of the fair but found at Sun Moulin, the bakery opposite Isetan supermarket! 

This fair is certainly worth a visit!


  1. Thanks for showing highlights of isetan food fair! I've always loved going to the fairs, but on weekdays cos the weekends are just too crowded. Planning to head over there to pick up some of those yummy swiss rolls! But its also inspiring me to make my own swiss rolls with special cheese stuffing...hmm...

    1. Hello! You're welcome :) yea even on weekdays it can get crowded!! Do try the cheesecake too! :) do bake your own and give it a try!!! Hope it'll be good!!! :)


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