Friday, March 23, 2012

Restaurant Week #2: Covelli (2nd visit)

I was supposed to have restaurant week dinner at Tanjong Beach Club, but because the weather wasn't looking so good, I cancelled TBC. My friend, A, wanted to eat sth with squid ink so I thought I should bring her to Covelli! But to our dismay, they didnt have the squid ink pasta available that night 'cos there wasnt enough squid ink to go around! 

But the waitress, who's so kind, funny and awesome told us that the lobster in the restaurant week menu is marinated with squid ink! So we could give that a go if we wanted squid ink, hence we chose restaurant week menu in the end! And I'm glad we did! The food on the menu can't be found on their regular menu, so I was quite happy about that (:

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Saffron Sweet Corn Mousseline with sauteed Herbed Scallops topped with Bacon Oil

This was like corn puree but what annoyed us a little was that there was the remains of the corn kernels in the soup? Like just the outer covering of the kernel and it was rather difficult to bite! So if that was taken out, it would've been better. Cant really taste the saffron! A commented that the scallops were v good though! 4/5

Honey Pickled Beetroot marinated with Feta Cheese topped with Arugula, Passionfruit Sorbet, toasted Hazelnuts & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I really liked how the beetroot and feta cheese went so well together! The hazelnuts went superbly together when eaten as a spoonful because it gives that crunch and the nutty flavour, totally brings this dish to another level IMO. Passionfruit sorbet didnt really do much for me, not cold enough I feel? Arugula too, cant really taste it. Star of the dish was definitely everything below! 4.2/5

Pan roasted Barramundi with Charcoal Lobster served with Baby Spinach in Gewurztraminer Cream 

Both A and I had this dish and we were v satisfied with this! The lobster was enveloped in this thin squid ink batter and was crisply fried, audible crunches were heard when we bit into it. And it was piping hot which made it all the more enjoyable! The barramundi was perfectly cooked, still soft but a little bit firm to give you a good bite and went so well with the sauce. 4.6/5

Elderflower Cheesecake served with Chocolate & Almond Crumbles & Macerated Berries

The cheesecake itself didnt have much taste and its not your usual kind of thick creamy cheesecake! This was kinda light and a little bland? So you'd have to eat it with its condiments which pairs beautifully with it. The crumble, the sauce, the liquor-soaked berries, mmmm. A was really happy about the presentation of this dish!

I celebrated A's birthday for her there and the staff were so wonderful! They were funny, nice, polite and friendly! Though they dont give complimentary dessert or cake or wtv when a birthday's celebrated there, they do allow you to bring your own cake! They'll light the candles for you and provide cutlery for you to eat (: 

I feel one good thing about Restaurant Week is that it provides affordable or more affordable set menus for the masses to try so that they too have a chance of experiencing what semi fine-dining is like, and be amazed by the presentation of dishes! It felt foreign to me when A gushed about the presentation of the dish 'cos to me it was v normal already, and it was nice having to see someone being happy and wowed by the presentation of dishes that made me feel great that I brought her for dinner there to celebrate her bday! (:

A and I will certainly be back again for their squid ink pasta which I reviewed previously here.

B2 Orchard Central

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