Saturday, March 3, 2012

ET Artisan Sweets Macarons

Saw their fb wall saying that they had 16 types of macaron flavours out and I knew I had to go down and get them all!! I've been wanting to try their macarons anyway! (: Boy am I glad I went down hehe.

Very very pretty packaging!! Definitely re-using the box!


Box of 20 for $48 isnt cheap but it sure is worth the money! This is the type of macarons we love - chewy shells with slightly crispy exterior and ganache filling! I couldnt resist the temptation of them sitting on my lap and started eating them in the car!!

Black sesame

Love how this clearlyyyy tastes like black sesame!!!


This was tart and tangy! Great alternative to the sweetness of macarons!

Green tea

Green tea taste was quite strong and I liked it. Addition of real adzuki beans to the ganache was a good move!

L'Amour Rose
French rose and raspberry

This tasted like bandung to us! Haha quite yummy! Cant really taste raspberries though!

Lemon raspberry

Raspberry taste was stronger for this! Again, the sourness and tartness helped to balance the sweetness so far!

Vanilla Bean
Tahitian pod, Valrhona Pearl

This was slightly more disappointing because we couldnt taste the vanilla at all :/

Chocolate Hazelnut 

This was almost like eating a cake instead of a macaron!! This isnt light like normal macarons because of the rather thick ganache layer + the fact that the shells are chewy! The middle contains this hazelnut paste I think? V good and we liked it just that it somehow didnt feel like we were eating a macaron!!

Summer Berry
France strawberry

This didnt taste at all like strawberry :/ Quite disappointing!

Other flavours I bought but didnt try which makes up the 16 flavours = Salty caramel, blackforest, peanut butter, chocolate orange, pure chocolate, rocky mountain, rum & raisin, chocochip

The boy and I are really happy we made the trip down specially to get the macarons because now we know where to get good quality macarons when we want them!!! (: I especially love their working hours!!

ET Artisan Sweets
32 Holland Grove Road, Henry Park Apartments
Mon-Sat 9.30am-6pm 

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  1. Also, aren't their boxes one of the prettiest things in the world?!

    Most places like to take a minimalist approach in packaging now but ET does hers with pretty patterns and shiny foil to boot :D


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