Friday, March 2, 2012

Pasta Brava


Would have liked it if their breads were heated up more, nonethless they were crusty and crispy still!

Chalks provided for kids/young at heart to doodle on the table!

Rustic grand interiors

Cassuela Al Frutti Di Mare $28
Spiced tomato based stew with prawns, clams, squid and crayfish

Look at the amount of seafood given! Everything was fresh no doubt and the soup went super super well with bread!!! The garlic bread given was v crispy and yummy! Mopped up all the soup hehe. Tomato based broth infused with the richness of the seafood and spices, yum! 4.6/5

Risotto Nero Alla Sinfonia Dei Nostri Mari $23
Arborio rice cooked with seafood and squid ink, flavoured with white wine

As with a few other reviews, the boy and I both found that the sauce was a little too salty for our liking? But we soon got used to the saltiness and this dish was actually quite well done! Compared to my current fav at Covelli, I would say it kind of matches up except that I like the sauce at Covelli better! 4.4/5

We didnt stay to try their dessert because we were headed for All Good Things! We'd come back to try out their other pasta dishes. Service was really good, something that the restaurant can definitely take pride about! Friendly, smiley, knowledgable, helpful and polite! Good dining experience (:

Pasta Brava
11 Craig Road
(there's a multi-storey carpark nearby!)
Closed Sun and PH


  1. Hi Ying Yin! Just wanna wish you all the best and congratulate you on the release of a level results!! :D I wonder what you have in plan for the future! In the meantime, will you be going to any restaurant(s) for restaurant week?

  2. Hi becs!!! Thank you so so so much! (: Yup booked a few to try out! You? Are you going for any? Haha why dont you email me so we can talk!! (: Cos I rarely go on msn nowadays haha. Or you can add me on fb?

    1. Haha I booked absinthe and the townhouse but idk if I will go! Sure I can add you! You can search on fb ^^


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