Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Australian Seafood Fiesta @ Olive Tree

Promo menu outside the restaurant. Its 62++ per pax, so 73 after taxes!!

Here's the spread:

This was quite salty well cos its smoked but I dont really like smoked salmon so haha. Cant really taste mango. No lemon taste

Crunchy prawns!

Lobsters v sweet! Prawns no taste, mussels ok, oysters a bit too salty!

Nice envt! (:

These are called yabbies!! The meat is like prawns but sweeter and juicer!! 

Hot food buffet and on the left is the sashimi!

Quite fresh! Swordfish tasted a bit funny to me tho 

The prawn/mussels thing was ok

The herb crusted ocean perch didnt feel herb crusted at all hahaha and wasnt soft again unlike most sea perch dishes I've eaten!

They kept the lid of this open to prevent the steam from "wetting" the calamari!

Scallops were quite good!

Bottom right bread was quite nice!

Pasta station 

Roast beef

Friend said this was v tough and not nice

Steamed sea bass wasnt as soft as I'd like it to be. Quite tough actually :/

The cranberry cheese was superrrrr good, not a v strong cheese smell! Ate many servings of this!

This tart was VERY good, the crust was good cos it was just right thickness and crispy + crusty! I ate 5 pieces in total HEHE. I like! But one of the pieces I ate had the seed inside which made me v grumpy

Both quite good!

Panna cotta was quite good too!

Mango souffle was sunken alr and looked dry

This barely had taste :/

The cake was q interesting cos havent eaten a cake w raisin in it!

The balls in front were so ewwww~ the green one, I thought was matcha truffle, in the end was sth like bread w some cocoa powder outside?

Rock melon was sweeet

Movenpick if I'm not wrong! Strawberries and cookies & cream are good!

The mousse is great! But the cake is a bit dry :/

Watermelon was quite juicyyy!

Overall, the friend and I were quite disappointed by the spread. Thought there'd be more. This felt like 10@Claymore was more worth it 'cos food's about the same and price is abt 20bux cheaper?? Quality of the food was average. Service is quite sporadic also, sometimes dishes dont get cleared for quite long even though there were only 5 tables or so tonight. 

Will not go back though, cos the price is just too expensive for this spread.

Olive Tree
Intercontinental Hotel

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