Thursday, March 1, 2012

All Good Things

After our lunch at Pasta Brava, the boy gladly obliged to drive me to Robertson Quay so that I could try out this new bakery cafe that I've heard so much about! (:

It was a rainyyyy day but the Robertson Quay area was still quite bustling! Many expats eating at Toby's and Kith Cafe!

What they had in store that day

Where all the yummy goodies are

Cute tips jar!

 Lemon Almond Cake
Ground almond, lemon zest, lemon juice, pistachio and crystallised rose

Really like how light, moist and crumbly this cake is! Love the lemony taste in the cake and the subtle crunch the pistachio and rose brings! The frosting on top certainly doesnt steal the show away from the yummy cake! The boy and I were both v happy with this cake and wanted to try more! 4.6/5

Souffle cheese cake
Very soft and tangy cheesecake with homemade biscuit crumbs, crater shape

This was so light and fluffy!!!! The base isnt thick which works for this cheesecake in this case and its so pillowy I can eat this all day long! 4.7/5

 Coffee walnut cake
Deep coffee flavour with walnut and coffee butter cream icing

Mom thought this cake was a tad too sweet but it was okay for me? They were quite generous with the walnuts and I thought coffee taste could be stronger. It was crumbly and moist though! 4/5

 Carrot cake

I've blogged about their carrot cake before here, so click to view it!

The cafe's quite small, though they have quite a few outdoor seats! The cakes are definitely worth your trip down to Robertson Quay not to mention the oth yummy cafes/restaurants nearby! It also makes a good post-indulgent-meal stroll with the wind and the view! The owners are really friendly as well (: I'll definitely be back to check out the other cakes they have!! Cant wait!

All Good Things
7 Rodyk Street #01-30 (its the shop next to the mama shop or face Kith Cafe and keep going right!)
Closed Mondays

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