Friday, March 16, 2012

Carrot Cake Hunt Round 2

Hello everyone!

Part 1 of this series can be found here. I've managed to try 2/5 of my To-try list carrot cakes! I'll definitely try all of them and give y'all a review! But for now here's how the carrot cakes I've tried fared:

Maison Ikkoku:

Felt that theirs was quite moist, icing good cos its a thin layer. But could have more walnuts. There were a few grapes too, personally I dont like having grapes in my carrot cake? But definitely one of the better few around. Think it was $6 for this? Or possibly $5+ 4.2/5

Blackbird Cafe:

Theirs was the WORST tasting carrot cake I've ever eaten in my whole life. It tasted sourish and like it was bad. Barely any hint of cinnamon or tastes you'd associate w a carrot cake. Walnuts look aplenty but they were small pieces and you could barely taste them. Bad on the whole, totally lacked taste. I paid $8+ for the tea set, 3-6pm, slice of cake or 2 muffins with tea/coffee. 0/5

Room For Dessert:

Cakes on display!

Very quirky artwork in the store. There's a 2 or 3 seater sofa in the shop and you can just ask if you can sit there and eat the cake (:

Her icing was quite nice, not too sweet and hers had raisins too. Felt that it was a bit hard? Like not as moist as I'd like it to be. Maybe cos I came in with v high expectations of the cake so when it didnt meet my expectations I was rather disappointed? 4/5

House of Robert Timms:

Think this was $8 or so? I think $8.80 or something aft GST&Service charge! One of the more expensive ones I've eaten! Well you may say its four layers, but some like Cedele's give you 2 thick layers which equals to about this size? Anw this one had raisins tho not that many. Icing isnt done nicely as you acn see, there are uneven layers. Moist, walnuts could have been more, cinnamon taste a little stronger would be good. I'd rather they just give 2 layers so its more of the cake than the icing! 4.1/5

So now I'm down to:
  1. Calendar Cakes
  2. Coffeesmith
  3. Room Coffee Bar
  4. Any oth cafes I come across
Please recommend any oth places if you know of!! (: My friends really think I'm carrot cake crazed now cos I've seriously been trying whenever I see one :D


  1. hi ying yin, my wife used to bake carrot cakes from home and i can honestly say that her's is more moist compared the others we have tried here. she has since opened her bakeshop in joo chiat (Cakes n Cravings bakeshop) offering cakes and cupcakes. it's not available yet but you can send us your email id at and we will inform you as soon as she starts having carrot cake in the shop. thanks.

  2. Hiya! I was googling around a lot and I think you could try carrot cake from Group Therapy, Baker & Cook and PS Cafe :-)

  3. Hi. Room Coffee.Bar has their Signature Carrot Cake!


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