Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Japanese-inspired Afternoon Tea at Axis Bar and Loungeaf

Once I read about the Jap-inspired afternoon tea, I told the boy "LETS GO" and so we did! Sadly we didnt get the window seats but the sofa chairs behind the prime window seat spots gave us good views as well!

Coffee/tea menu

Choose one type! They serve TWG blends and mariage freres tea (which is France's oldest house of tea!)

Fuji yama
green tea from japan renowned for its delicate and exquisite aroma, rich in vit C

Not sure if its because I'm no tea expert but this tea tasted quite normal to me? Definitely not like Sakae's la. But like any you'd get from Japanese restaurants that are higher end vs Sakae-type. Good tea to wash down the sweetness from the high tea though! 

French breakfast tea
black tea with rounded taste of malt and chocolate

The boy said he liked this!

Jams & cream for scones

Assorted savory pastries - chicken, bacon, spinach, mushroom

Mushroom pastry

This was not bad, pastry's a bit hard in general for all

Chicken pastry

Liked how this was a little salty, not the type of chicken pastry I'd expect! This was quite nice

3-tier afternoon tea set for 2

Assorted sandwiches 

The ham&cheese sandwich used wholemeal bread, rest were white bread! Cucumber ones were normal tasting, layer of mayo below the cucumber I believe. All were quite normal tasting (the sandwiches)

Sweet treats 1

Sweet treats from Junior Pastry Sous Chef Masakatsu Oshima of Mandarin Oriental Tokyo 

Raisin Scones

These were not bad, not as light as I'd like them to be but passable. 1 or 2 raisins at the bottom, rather fluffy interiors, the outsides arent crispy though. 

Mugwort Choux with Soy Bean Cream

To be honest, this tasted like a normal choux puff to me? Didnt know it had such flavours till I saw it on the menu

Warabi Mochi
A bracken starch dumpling

The mochi itself has no taste, would recommend you to eat it with the bean!

Fruit cake

This fruit cake was not bad! Not much rum taste though. Cake was moist and crumbly. A little too many nuts at the bottom (as you can tell) makes it seem like you're eating nuts instead of fruit cake?

Creme brulee

Saw many specks of vanilla but no vanilla taste at all, mainly custard. Average

 Spicy tuna bun

Now this was quite nice! Tuna with a little hint of spicyness, I quite like this.

Smoked salmon

This was goood. At least for me because I generally find smoked salmon v salty? But this one wasnt that salty and went quite well w the mayo, herb and pastry!

Green tea macaron

This was CHEWYYYY. Chewiest macaron I've eaten and kinda in a bad way? Sticks to your mouth/teeth though green tea taste is rather strong.

Good view!

(L-R) Brown sugar rolled cake, sesame blanc manger, strawberry shortcake

Brown sugar rolled cake - this was not bad, quite unique taste! Soft roll

Sesame blanc manger - sesame taste was quite strong, its like a panna cotta

Strawberry shortcake - this was what the waitress said was good and no doubt it was! Fluffy soft cake, with rather soft strawberries that are easy to chew and yummy cream (:

Good views!

The other desserts on display at Axis for SGD12++ each!
Yuzu macaon, charcoal macaron, chilli chocolate cake, sakura and champagne jelly, green tea mousse, sakura and white chocolate mousse

Felt that it was sort of a letdown? The desserts werent that great, savory items werent spectacular either. Total bill was $68.25 for two. It was definitely a good place to laze the afternoon away though! V comfy sofa seats, awesome view of the waterfront area, nice aircon, magazines + newspapers to read. So unless you reallyyyyyy want an afternoon tea experience, and would pay for great views but average food, then go for this afternoon tea.

Service was generally good though, but some waitresses werent that smiley

Till 26 Feb 2012
Axis Bar and Lounge
Mandarin Oriental Lvl 4


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  2. Nice write up.

    But do note that the term "Jap" (as used in "Jap-inspired") is a derogatory term like "nigger" or "hongkee".

    It's more correct to use the word "Japanese".


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