Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nick Vina Artisan Bakery

Having read a few reviews and after looking at their website, the boy and I were quite excited to go down and try out their food! So after our lunch at Bistro Soori, we walked over to try out what they had to offer!

Pictures of their shop:

 These are the pastries we had:


This was the best out of the lot and definitely wasn't yummy in our books, so this says quite a bit. The exterior was a little too sweet? It was like sweet cream on the outside then the ladyfinger sponge inside soaked in vanilla syrup with the roasted strawberries in the middle, the inside was far more enjoyable than the outside! 3.4/5

The macaron shells at the sides arent good, not strong enough lemon taste. The whole cake felt quite tasteless, just eating the sponge with a diff texture in the middle. The supposed sable breton below wasnt crispy at all. 2/5


Was very very interested in this but this was a huge huge disappointment :( The tart shell was v hard, not crumbly or crispy or buttery at all, just HARD. The green tea taste was not bad, quite strong, the green tea crumble (dark green stuff) didnt have any taste, the mousse was the one w the green tea taste. Adzuki red bean paste was quite good, not sweet and was practically the highlight of the dessert. 2/5

The boy and I were v disappointed at their cakes and felt that our calories were wasted for nothing. Though they looked v pretty, sometimes looks can be deceiving.

Nick Vina Artisan Bakery
Icon Village, Gopeng St

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