Thursday, February 23, 2012

10 @ Claymore

Upon reading a few reviews about 10@Claymore's Plates of Treasure reviews, the boy and I decided that we'd to go down and give it a go! Boy were we glad we did (: We actually cancelled another reservation to make it for 10@Claymore, but glad to say, we both didnt regret our decision (:

We arrived promptly at 6.15pm and I suggest you arrive early 'cos thats when there's really nobody and you get to enjoy the food leisurely instead of feeling pressurized and being crowded w people!

The entrance

2 kinds of oysters - US and Fine de Claire oysters!

US ones were creamier and more plump vs French ones, saltier and thinner! So depends on what you like! The boy and I took one of each first and we decided we liked the creamier one more so asked for US ones on subsequent visits!! These are seriously FRESHLY SHUCKED in that they only open it when you tell them how many you want! Unlike some hotels which say freshly shucked oysters but the oysters are in fact alr opened and placed on ice for you to take!

Salad bar condiments

Quite wide array - lettuce, chickpea, marinated/pickled stuff, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, corn, cucumber, olives etc. They provide a bowl for you to mix and create your own salad!

Seafood on ice!

Definitely highlight of the buffet! The boston lobsters were sooooo yummy! They were really really sweet and fresh, I couldnt stop eating them!! Mussels fresh as well, and so were the prawns!!! Took many servings of them (: Was really happy the lobsters had roe inside hehe. This itself is worth the price of the buffet already!

I happen to score a crab pincer but didnt see it subsequently!

I must say this is really well braised. Mushrooms and sea cucumber was so full of flavour of the rich broth and mushrooms were juicy and plump. My kind, totally. Ate them non-stop!!! 

Tortilla wraps w veggie

Think mashed potato?

This soup was not bad! Creamy but not in a jialat way. Would have drank more if not for this being a buffet!

Breads were okay

Fried vermicelli - the boy said this was good! Didnt try though!

Plates of treasure: Chilean Ocean Sea Perch 
Pea Sprouts, superior light soya broth

I loved this fish!!! It was light, though not as soft and oily as cod but it was cooked quite nicely (a tad overdone though) and mainly because it felt so light and healthy, I kept eating ordering it! The veg lends a nice crunch to this dish!

Plates of treasure: Pacific shark's fin casserole
Woody bamboo pith, boston lobster claw

The lobster claw's really small haha but served in this black dutch pot thing, looks rustic and makes it more interesting! Think this must have been good else the boy wouldnt have ordered more!

Sashimi and assorted sushi

Sashimi was fresh albeit slices being small, guess you could just take more if you want more anyway haha. But good thing is, and what I like is that they dont lay out everything at once or a lot of the seafood/sashimi at once but instead, when its almost finished, they replenish it! Think this ensures the freshness of the food!

Ham with pineapple chutney

This ham was good! It was nicely smoked, soft and doesnt taste very meaty, the sauce slightly tangy which went well with it. Rare kind of meat that I loved and finished!

Plates of treasure: US Angus Beef
Celery leek, sarawak black pepper sauce

The boy said the sauce was the only thing he could taste and the meat was tough :/

Tasmanian lamb
Highland asparagus, citrus-sesame reduction

The sauce tasted sweet, a little too sweet in fact, more than tart/tangy that we'd normally associate with citrus fruits. We didnt like the sauce so we scrapped it away and got beautifully done lamb (:

Dessert table

There were banana crumble tarts, banana cake, choc pistachio cake, raspberry panna cotta, pinapple cheese cake, fruit jelly, raspberry crumble, lemon cheesecake, brownie, muffin, creme brulee, blueberry slice, sago, etc

Fruits table
Watermelon, papaya, pineapple, banana, prune, apples, fruit salad, dragonfruit etc

Choc fountain condiments!

Assorted cookies, macarons, fruits, marshmallows etc

Macaron - the boy said not nice haha so I didnt try!

Out of everything here, I think only the banana crumble pie (bottom) was worth the calories. Mango pudding was not bad as well. Watermelon and pineapple were good, rest not nice.

Crepe station!

Fillings - peanut, durian (MUST-TRY!), cream, blueberry/raspberry compote, peanut butter, banana, etc

Durian crepe

Quite generous durian fillings, gotta eat it when its hot though! This is good if you like durian!

Banana crepe

The banana is cooked and drizzled with some sauce so its a little sweet but goes well w the crepe. We didnt opt for choc sauce on top! We tried it w the ice cream from another part of the buffet but it didnt go well tgt! The ice cream was lemongrass & ginger, quite nice on its own though! Not v strong lemongrass/ginger flavour but subtle hints of 'em. Quite refreshing! This crepe looks so diff from the durian one 'cos the chef kinda left it on the pan for too long but we like this better! Its sooo crispy at the sides! V loud crunch when you bite into it(:

Chocolate pudding thing

Hahaha the boy thought this was v good and kept eating! Its like a pudding below but w chocolate crunch on top!

Ice cream flavours

Self-service! With assorted toppings at the side

The berry ice cream isnt that great though :/

Fruit tart!

These only came out towards the end of the buffet, guess cos some of the desserts ran out? But to me, this was the best dessert of the night (Aside from crepes) though the tart was a little soggy, it was still nice and buttery, creme patisserie was good and fruits were ample in such a small tart! Loved it!

The boy and I both felt that this was veryyyyyy value for money at $52++ per pax given the fresh and wide variety of seafood available, mains are done quite well, desserts slightly weaker but crepes bring up the bar quite a bit and so do the fruit tarts. 

We liked this that much that we're going back again tonight for the buffet! This time with the boy's parents hehe.

Service was quite prompt, though the paltes of treasures may take some time to be served! Wait staff varied, but most were friendly and smiley. Oh do note this is the one at Orchard and NOT the one near Suntec/Marina Square! This is behind Isetan Scotts/Shaw Centre!

Plates of Treasures
Ends 29 Feb 2012
Pan Pacific Orchard

Edit: when I went on Thurs 23Feb, there wasnt the crepe station but was replaced by a quite good penang laksa! The desserts were diff too, there was this yummy blueberry mousse cake, green tea mousse w red bean cream and durian crepe cake! The above post was on a Sunday night!

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