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When I read that L'Angolo's chef set up another restaurant called Zaffiro, I knew I had to go there with the boy to try out their pastas because I'd dined there twice already (though I'd only blogged about it once here), and both times I was v satisfied by their service + food so I knew I'd to give them a try!

The boy and I went there 30 Dec 2011, when the restaurant was still relatively new and I'd say in its infancy? We went for dinner and were the only couple there though the manager said there was a table of Italians coming for dinner at 9+ later on. From what he said, we managed to gather that business has not been well for Zaffiro, and we found it a real shame because it serves good quality pastas and mains at v. reasonable prices!

They have specials of the day which the staff will tell you about (like at L'Angolo) when you're given the menu! And I highly suggest ordering something off the specials list! Or ask them for recommendations and they'd be glad to help you! (:

Set-up of the restaurant. Zaffiro means Sapphire in Italian hence the blue theme. The restaurant's rather small, seats 60 but dont worry, tables are v comfortably spaced out so no worries about your privacy!

Amuse Boche

Alaskan King Crab $26
with Asparagus, Zucchini and Sweet Chilli

This was recommended by the staff (he was so friendly and sweet, but more abt him later) and he happily suggested that he split the portion for us into 2 since we were sharing! Crab was sweet and fresh, and the lightness and freshness of this dish was accentuated by the clean-tasting zucchini! No wonder restaurants always pair 'em tgt. Dont worry abt the chilli, not hot at all! 4/5 

Chest Nut Cream $18
with Mild Rosemary Aroma and Amarone Wine Reduction

This was something he recommended as well and gladly portioned it for us too! Look at the truffle pieces! But it was quite a pity because the soup had too strong a taste that covered the subtle fragrances of the black truffle, so yea, truffle aroma wasnt particularly strong I'd say. Though the boy and I were quite amazed by the soup!

Eggs Tagliatelle with Chantarelles Mushroom and Foie Gras

This is something like what L'Angolo has and I suspect is a signature dish of the chef who owns both restaurant and this dish truly deserves the honor of being the signature dish! The one at L'Angolo comes with black truffles while this comes with foie gras. The foie gras is cut into small slices and interlaced in the pasta. Like L'Angolo, the sauce that comes with the pasta is so rich in the earthy taste of the chantarelle mushroom, so fragrant if you're a mushroom lover. Being shroom fans, the boy and I instantly took a liking to this dish! Foie gras added a richness of a different dimension to this dish and I'd say it goes well with either foie gras or truffles, but of course foie gras has a stronger taste and compliments the shroom well. Pasta was done perfectly, sauce slurp-worthy and this dish made a v deep impression on the boy, more so than L'Angolo's! 5/5

Special of the day - Tagliolini with Fresh Seafood in Tomato Sauce

Mmmmmm, the sauce, is no ordinary tomato sauce as you can tell from the colour! It was simmering with the richness of the seafood, the sweetness and had so much flavour that I fervently packed each spoonful of pasta with lots of sauce and slurped it all the way up. Think my sauce:pasta ratio was like 3:1. Seafood was definitely abundant and fresh, mussels, clams, prawns, fish, and I cant rmb what else by my oh my was it good. The sauce I daresay, rivals Valentino's sauces in all its richness, sweetness and slurpy-ness (: I was so wrapped up in slurping and enjoying the yummy sauce alongside the perfectly done pasta and the fresh seafood that after eating one spoonful of the boy's, I happily whopped up my plate in all its slurpiness haha. 5/5

Apricot Tarte with Almond Gelato ($16)

The boy and I had never had an apricot tart before. Almonds and apricots are somewhat related! I liked that the almond gelato didnt taste like the chinese almond jelly and that I actually did enjoy eating it! I love dehydrated fruits (ever since I tried 'em at Tippling Club) so I was happy to have some in this dessert! Although I think Tippling Club still does the best for this. 

Anyway back to the main show - the tart! It has a layer of tart apricot jelly which was set above the apricot curd in a sable crust. The mixture of textures, jelly-like to soft curd to shortcrust-like pastry and the mixture of tastes, sour from the jelly, slightly sweet from the curd and buttery from the pastry makes this tart a wonderful one. I'd like to applaud the chef for coming up with something other than the usual desserts one finds in Italian restaurants 4.5/5

As the manager knew we were celebrating our anniversary, he gave us each a complimentary glass of Moscato wine to go with our dessert! I love how the wine's sweet but not cloyingly so! I've heard many are fans of Moscato wine as well! The service throughout the meal was very polite, attentive and friendly! Although we were the only couple in the restaurant, it didnt feel weird nor did it feel like we were being watched. We felt perfectly at ease and totally enjoyed our night. The staff there opened the door for us when we went in/out of the restaurant, sign of good service as well. 

I really want to applaud the chef for being so successful in maintaining high quality at both his restaurants, L'Angolo and Zaffiro. I'd say more people should give Zaffiro a try and since its near the CBD area, shouldnt be a problem for office workers! They have a lunch ala carte menu that is v. cheap (imo for such quality pastas), Starters all $16, Pastas all at $20 and Mains at $24. Go to their website to check out their lunch ala carte and decide for yourselves! 

We later took a walk to the One Fullerton area and the boy was still raving about how yummy the pastas were at Zaffiro (honestly, he's never been like that before, not even aft Gunther, Valentino, L'Angolo, Otto, La Strada, etc Italian restaurants) and he even said he v much wanted to go back for a 3rd plate of pasta!! Haha. This goes to show how yummy the pastas were. I believe the sauce of the pasta is what differentiates a good pasta (if the pasta is supposed to come w sauce la not like aglio olio) and Zaffiro certainly does this v. well! 

I'd say between L'Angolo and Zaffiro, its a tough fight. L'Angolo's setting is more comfy and homey and warm, but Zaffiro's is more like a restaurant. The type of pastas + mains that they serve are different too, so I suggest you choose base on the menu! But I'm quite sure you'll enjoy any of 'em (: Oh and L'Angolo has petit fours aft the meal but not Zaffiro!

#01-01 Asia Square Tower 1
Closed on Sunday
(its opp Lau Pa Sat and there's parking lots at Asia Square so yup! Look out for the signs while driving!)


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  2. Hi Ying Yin! OMG the food you and your bf ordered sure looks daaaamn yummy~ I've been reading your blog for quite awhile since last Sep (found your site via a muffinry review - i love that place too!!) but i've never commented before *fail* I think it's really refreshing to read food blog posts by someone so close to my age (i'm 18, guessing you're 19?) since a lot of food bloggers are working adults haha. I'm hoping to try out more of the places you recc'd ^^ Keep on writing!!!

    xx Becs

  3. Hi Becs!! Hahaha yup am 19! Omg how do you know?? Thanks for reading my blog (: I will keep writing!!! Tell me what you think of the food when you've tried it! (:

  4. I remembered on one post you said you completed a levels or something xD hope you get super good results!!!! Sure sure I have been wanting to start a food blog but never seem to find the time sadly T_T

  5. I've always wanted to try the pastas at L'Angolo! How much are the two pastas that you had at Zaffiro?

  6. @Becs: Haha thanks!!! Hope I get good results too!!! All the best to you (: Dont worry, will have time after A levels! Haha. I started mine in the midst of preparation for A lvls cos I got so bored haha.

    @Anon: Ummm I'm not too sure but I would say around 20-30+? You can call them and ask! Sorry about this!


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