Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Moomba Restaurant

After reading many good reviews about Moomba Restaurant, the boy and I decided to drop by for their set lunch! Situated in the CBD area, the restaurant was brimming with office workers and was quite busy for a weekday lunch!

We both opted for the 3 course set lunch at $45 per person which comes with choice of any soup/salad/appetizer with choice of any main AND choice of any dessert. The 2 course, $39 per person, comes with either salad/soup/appetizer + main or main + dessert! Set lunches also come w complimentary coffee/tea!

Please note that they dont serve complimentary breads unlike most restaurants! The bread needs to be ordered from their menu and from what I saw that day, many tables ordered their breads! Especially the charcoal-walnut loaf at $5 which has approx 6 pieces I think?

Foie Gras
Seared foie gras on stew of lentil + english bangles with arugula

Foie gras was not bad, rather generous portion as you can see, especially since this is a set lunch! Felt that a crispier outer layer would have been better. I personally still prefer foie gras served with crispy bread or crackers or sth of that sort to balance the richness of the foie gras. 4/5

Freshly Shucked Oysters
Natural or with thai chili jam

Felt that this was quite normal, didnt taste particularly fresh or anything. Unless you're really craving oysters that day, I suggest you order something else? 3.4/5  


With bok choy and mushrooms I think? I remember the fish was a little too overcooked, veggies were light and good though. V average dish I felt. 3/5 

Confit of duck
Whole duck leg cooked in its own oil, on garlic mash potato, corn kernal, caramelized fig and smoked duck breast

The boy's main! I remember him saying that the duck confit's skin wasn't v crispy, meat was tender though and the smoked duck breast was good!

Lemon Tart
Served with fig and manuka honey ice-cream and creme anglaise

Loved the ice cream, creamy and studded with figs. The lemon tart, well the lemon cream was quite tart, slightly sweet for me though! Crust was crispy, easily broken with the fork. Average dish though. 3.6/5

Sticky Date Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream

I'm quite sure this is sticky date pudding but I'm not too sure what ice cream it was served with because the current lunch menu on Moomba's website is for 30th Jan to 3rd Feb whilst the boy and I ate there on 30th Dec! Though most of the items on the menu are the same. Sticky pudding was not moist enough, ice cream was good though. 3.2/5

Quite sad that they dont have kangaroo loin anymore for the set lunch though they do have it for dinner! Service was not bad though a little understaffed for a weekday lunch because there were some lapses in their service. Its located at Boat Quay so after your meal, take a leisurely stroll down Boat Quay and enjoy the breeze + good view!

The Moomba Restaurant
52 Circular Road

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