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New Restaurant: Lady M Singapore

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Many have been waiting eagerly for Lady M to finally open in Singapore after announcements of it setting up shop here. Last Sunday (8 Sept), they finally opened! The boy and I went to try their cakes on 10 Sept, Tuesday and here's our experience!

The next few pictures show the cakes + tarts they had on display that day. I know for a fact that they rotate some of the tarts/cakes available as I've seen photos on Instagram of the "Banana Mille Feuille" which wasn't there that day when I went.

Their signature Mille Crepe cakes! 

 Tarte aux Fruits 

Its interesting how they use papayas and kiwis - more tropical fruits here! Its on an almond financier base. Was v tempted to order this!!

Strawberry Mille Feuille & Tarte a la Mangue 

Thats the checkers board cake & strawberry shortcake 

Gateau Nuage & Gateau aux Marrons (basically almond sponge cake w chestnut glaze)

On the right side: raspberry chocolate layer cake, mont blanc, eclair

Interior of the shop! There are quite a number of tables not pictured here. Many staff stay at the drinks area and they dont really look around/actively see if your plain water needs filling up and I had to ask them every single time to fill my water for me.

We had 4 cakes after lunch!! #gluttonsareus

Strawberry Mille Feuille
Puff pastry, whipped cream with a hint of kirsch, sponge cake, strawberry jam, strawberries

Honestly, this was our least favourite cake that day! But dont worry, the other cakes/tart fared much better! Why? Because the puff pastry was not crispy anymore, a little soggy sadly. We much preferred Flor's Napolean! The cream was very yummy though! Cant really taste the strawberry jam nor discern any sponge cake. Unless you're really craving for puff pastry, I wouldn't suggest this. 3/5

Tarte a la Mangue
Shortcrust pastry, passion fruit curd, mangoes

We were deciding between this tart or the fruit tart w almond base cos initially I thought this mango tart had an almond base too. BUT after seeing the "passion fruit curd", I immediately decided on this! We were SO glad I chose this in the end because this ranked TOP on our list out of the 4 items we tried!

Look at the passion fruit curd filling, its not the kind that would just flow out, instead its texture is more of something like the almond financier kinda base but with a rather strong taste + aroma of passion fruit! Its only very slightly sour but the aroma of the passionfruit is very discernible. We totally loved the flavours in this one because its SUPER refreshing! The sweet but not overly so mangoes + the sweet but slightly sour passionfruit curd + the buttery shortcrust just won us over. I think the coldness of the tart added to the yum factor! 4.8/5

Checkers Cake
Checkerboard of vanilla + chocolate sponge cake. fresh whipped cream, dark chocolate ganache

I really love the dark chocolate ganache! Rich & decadent, it makes me want to eat the ganache all day long non-stop! I felt that the ganache was the star factor here bringing it all together. Honestly you cant taste the vanilla sponge cake at all as the ganache dominates here. The whipped cream provides a very nice contrast in textures + taste! I must say, their sponge cakes are really really fluffy & soft! Poofs away like a cloud in your mouth haha. Although this was a classic cake done well, we felt that we could've gotten such a cake at a cheaper price at some other places in Singapore. 4.2/5

Green tea Mille Crepe
No less than twenty lacy thin crepes, pastry green infused with green tea, powdered green tea

I have never tried the original Lady M in New York but a few of my friends who have said that this Singapore one is a little soggy & melts quickly compared to NY's and they prefer NY's version instead! The one we had was a tad soggy but still bearable I feel! I think I was just lured by the strong green tea taste in the silky pastry cream because I just couldnt stop eating this! This was the 2nd on our list out of the 4 cakes. Honestly, the crepes are really extremely thin and super soft, so it was q hard to just eat this with a fork as the layers were a little hard to cut through and we had to use a knife to cut it! Each mouthful of that wonderful pastry cream + the added matcha taste from the powdered matcha just made this crepe cake so much nicer! 

All in all, the boy and I both thought that the cakes were of a rather good standard and we would certainly not mind going back again for more of their cakes! Hopefully they have the whole range of cakes stated in their website on rotation! I would love to try their Gateau Nuage which have had some good reviews on Instagram & their fruit tart which looks yummy :) Hopefully they can come up with more tarts like the mango one (which is not featured on their Lady M website)!

Service is quite splotchy. I ordered cakes from the counter and repeated it once to the guy there. And then this lady came over to our table to reconfirm our orders, but only 1/4 of the orders were correct. So we told her the correct orders, she reconfirmed and went off. When our cakes arrived, they gave us the classic vanilla Mille Crepe cake when we ordered the green tea one, so they had to send it back again. The rest of the cakes were correct though. Really hope such a thing wouldn't happen again! I've talked about the water issue above already.

Do note that there is service charge (10%) if you dine in! On the drinks menu it says there is service charge + GST (7%) but when we got our bill, idk why they only charged us service charge but not GST!

One thing I do not like is that they DO NOT put prices on their labels for the cake in the counter so it is rather annoying not knowing how much you've spent already/going to spend! Hopefully they have a good explanation for this/change their labels!

Lady M
Marina Square Shopping Mall #02-103
6 Raffles Boulevard
Daily 11am-9pm (heard their cake selection dwindles really quickly arnd 6ish 7pm so do go early if you want choices!)
If you're driving there, follow signs for "The Dining Edition" in the carpark cos thats where the shop is located at!
Opposite it is Pita Pan, nearby there's St Marc's, Hifumi. Its the other end of the mall, away from the cinema!


  1. looks wonderful! But alamak, i'm on a diet.

  2. is there service charge and gst? were you expecting service?

    1. Yup there is service charge & GST! Sorry, I will add that in haha

  3. Thanks for the review Y! Lady M Singapore is still in development to create a flawless experience equal to our boutiques in New York. You can be sure that our store will grow better every time you visit.

    I work as part of New York team and we just sent out new cake name cards with the prices as per your suggestion in this blog. We appreciate your suggestions and we'll do our best to accommodate them as much as we can.

    We hope you could come back and review our other cakes when they come out. Watch out for the Gateau Nuage as it has been named the best cheesecake by New York Magazine. Also, please try the Couronne du Chocolat, which was recently raved by Martha Stewart over the radio in New York.

    Was there anything you'd like to taste among our selections in the website?

    1. Hi Lester!

      I am glad and honored to know that my advice has been taken into consideration.

      Yes I would gladly love to return for more cakes - ! Almost every cake featured on your website sounds & looks mouth-watering, and I would definitely love to try them! Hopefully there will be more flavours of the crepe cake available, as well as the coffee mousse, flan aux pomme, green tea mousse & gateau au chocolat!

      Just a suggestion: perhaps on the Lady M Singapore's Facebook page, there could be a daily update on the cakes you have on display?

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Y,

    The cake selections change on a monthly/bimonthly basis. You may find our list of cakes available at the home page of our website, I will make sure to forward the list of cakes to our team in Singapore and let you know when they'll be available.

    Thanks again.

  5. great looks like another place to visit!

  6. This is very much great and hope fully nice blog. Every body can easily found her need able information. I am visit first time but I fond many use full article. I will back again when get time.

  7. I would like to wish all the best wishes to this new restaurant in Singapore. The name itself seems to be interesting and creative one.

  8. Eating and enjoying a great part of life and this article helps us to know about the food and facts about the food

  9. Mmmm, looks so yummy.. but the matcha one must have been pretty expensive, haven't it?
    Greetings from Czech Republic!


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