Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Very New Restaurant: The Audacious Cakery


A new pastry/bake shop is open for business today 24 Sept! 
(Okay technically as I am typing this it is 25 Sept 2.53am but its okay its still 24 sept to me) 

I have liked their FB page since I knew they were starting operations soon. Their store sells macarons, entrement, cupcakes & bread! Rather wide selection I'd say. The people there are really quite friendly and they're all middle aged so I kinda felt more warmth! 

The display


Here's their menu which is supposed to be on a standing board but has yet to arrive! I find the "butter crab sandwich" sounds quite interesting!

We had 4 cakes for 2 people!

Mango + coconut mousse on a jaconde sponge with fresh mango + papaya bits

This was a very light cake however the flavours of coconut could have been more developed. I overhead the lady boss aka baker saying that they soak the papaya in lemon water first, and it is probably the reason why the papaya taste is not strong at all! The boy found this cake to be quite moist and slightly mushy, so he didnt really like it. For me, I thought the mushyness was okay, but more of the promising flavours that do not deliver 3.4/5 

Chocolate Souffle
Made from dark chocolate, the soufflé centre gives it a light yet chocolaty punch. Served with a crunchy chocolate biscuit base, it can be served warm or chilled

Welllll I'm not sure how to put this across but I felt that this could've been stronger in terms of chocolate taste? For me, I could mainly taste the different textures but that was about it. I couldnt distinctively tell that it was chocolate. However the boy thinks that its okay.

This tart aims to have a souffle centre which sadly doesnt really work because its more like a layer of really light chocolate cake beneath the ganache. The boy felt that the souffle layer perhaps could've been thicker to really simulate a soufflé? The ganache was okay for me, and the crust was crispy, not too hard nor too soft! 3/5

Valrhona chocolate mousse infused with Gentleman Earl Grey leaves with feulletine base

What the description fails to say is this cake is reminiscent of a Chocolate Orange cake, so if you're not a fan of that pairing, please dont order this cake! The earl grey taste is rather faint but still distinguishable according to the boy! We really liked the feulletine base here that provided a great textural contrast to the other cakes we had today. But at 8.80, I'm not sure if I would pay for this. 4/5

Refreshing raspberry + lychee mousse with a rose infused sponge base embedded with a raspberry lychee rose compote

I couldnt taste the lychee in this, mainly raspberry! This cake was entirely mousse based except for the small square at the bottom as seen in the photo below! Again I felt flavours could be heightened and this is a light cake to eat so just in case you're wondering. 3.7/5

Apparently their cupcakes are good too! The menu says they have a cake called "faith" which compromises green tea + black sesame!!

The store is really small and can only fit about 8 people only! 4 tables that is. I love the quote on the paper bag they give if you takaway! So apt! Its something about how I'd wanna use up my calories on sth yummy. 

They do serve water and it is refillable but sometimes we had to ask for refills! Then again, I really like how the wait staff here are polite, friendly and warm!

Current promotions:
1) Like and share them to enjoy 10% off (valid till 12 Oct 2013)
2) Be the 30th customer and get 30% off your total bill (till 28 Sept 2013)

The Audacious Cakery
Blk 2 Everton Park #01-61 Singapore 081002
Mon, Weds-Sat:8am-7pm, Tues: 9am - 7pm

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