Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Best Baked Mooncake & Snowskin Mooncake 2013


We all know that mooncakes are high in calories so I'm quite particular about what mooncakes I buy! I will only buy if I find it to be really good and not just settle for anything. 

TCC -> Best black sesame snowskin mooncake

Rum V Raisin: I find it a little weird to have raisins in the mooncake haha. The rum taste isnt v strong either, doesnt really remind me of Rum Raisin!

Baileys Amore: rather strong Baileys taste!

Tsar's Earl Grey: quite adequately perfumed with earl grey!

Lychee Mojito: the alcohol taste is not v strong but the lychee is super fragrant!

Osmanthus Yuzu: I love yuzu and this embodied it rather well!

Yuki Kuro Goma: the middle is white chocolate truffle which is a tad sweet but when eaten w the very fragrant black sesame paste, it is not that bad!!! J and I really really love the black sesame :)

We bought it from Star Vista's small mooncake fair and they were having a promotion of $40/box of 8 (nett) which is rather worth it in my opinion! We could choose our own flavours and J picked 3/4 of her flavours to be Goma, and I picked 2/4 to be Goma! Next was lychee mojito (2) and osmanthus yuzu (1).

Home's Favourite -> Best Durian Snowskin! 

I've come to a conclusion that Home's Favourite has the best Durian Snowskin out of alllll the restaurants I've tried! Theirs is pure decadence and so potent :)

Yan Ting - Best Tradition Baked Mooncake with White Lotus Paste & Single Yolk

My family has been buying their mooncakes for years even though we receive many free mooncakes and usually have more than enough but we still buy Yan Ting's mooncakes ($69.80++ for 4) which is considered expensive as we feel that theirs is the best! The smoothness of the lotus paste and the fragrance is unparalleled.

What're your top picks? :)

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