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New Restaurant: Sushi Kuu

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Sushi Kuu is a famous Japanese restaurant in Hongkong and they've recently set up a branch in Singapore. Their doors opened on 26 August but when the boy and I visited on 29 August for lunch, there were still many many congratulatory flower stands outside the shop so much so that we couldnt even see the entrance!

On its 3rd day of operations, there were about 2 other tables of customers when we entered at about 1.30pm. Relatively ok in terms of seating capacity, like maybe 20ish to 30 kind. So how did the food fare? Do note that prices here aren't cheap though there are some affordable lunch sets as seen below!

Sorry its not very clear! Most of these are from their ala carte menu just that I think set comes with miso soup! I think they should state clearly what each set comes with because I ordered the Assorted Sushi Set (Deluxe) and I didn't know that it comes w miso soup + a small bowl of udon!

Some photos of their ala carte menu:

The first item is sushi served in a cocktail glass!

Sushi rolls available! Whats Kuu house roll you ask and why is it $100? Read on to find out!

Foie gras roll is rolls topped w foie gras and in the middle of the roll is some veggie!

Their ala carte menu also has stuff like:
- Seafood onsen egg
- Sea urchin (uni) black truffle chawanmushi
- Steamed/grilled/fried items
- Desserts (green tea/black sesame/and one more flavour ice cream, seasonal fruit, and somemore but I cant rmb!)

There's also omakase menu at $150 which is relatively average!

Now on to what we ordered!

Assorted Seafood on Sushi Rice

The boy ordered this and we were slightly wowed when they brought it to our table because the bowl is huge! Presentation and all definitely scored lotsa points. Plus the variety of seafood was just wow! 

- Scallop (super super good the boy said! V sweet!)
- Yellowtail
- Tamago 
- Ikura
- The small tiny fish eggs idk what they're called
- Crab claw (not much taste!)
- Ebi (aka prawn. Super hugeass thick piece!)
- Tuna (normal cut, red tuna)
- Otoro (no tendon and melts in your mouthhhh. Not much taste though!)
- Uni (sweet! Smooth and creamy goodness. No smelly yucky taste)
- That white slice of fish in front, idk what that is!

Plus you also get seaweed, pickles, fishcake, and toasted white sesame seeds to accompany your large bowl of rice!!! The boy was super happy, needless to say and we both felt that it was really value for money! The seafood was fresh and good so he had a really nice lunch :) His set comes w a miso soup! 4.4/5

This is the thick prawn!! Cant really tell here cos of the angle but it was at least 2x thicker than the chopstick width wise!

 Assorted Sushi Set (Deluxe)

I ordered this! I told the server that I wanted some pieces to be aburi sushi but in the end I didnt get any. He even repeated what I said and asked if I wanted more pieces of aburi so I know he knows what I want, idk why I didnt get any :/ Anyway on to the sushi! I felt that for the same price as the boy's chirashi, mine was less value for $$ vs his. 

Otoro - no tendon, melt in your mouth kinda feel but not much sweetness but still good!
Rest of the other fish - quite normal
Prawn & scallop - fresh & q sweet
Ikura & uni - super super goooooood, v sweet too :)
Tamago - okayish
Sushi rolls - basically cucumber + tamago + crab stick inside topped w those small eggs haha idk what they're called. V normal too! 3.7/5


My set came with udon + miso soup and I totally didnt know about that but it is a blessing in disguise of sorts! If I knew, I'd prolly tell them that I dont want the udon cos I'd be too full and can't finish it but luckily I didnt know about it! Why? Because its the best udon I've had thus far!!!! Okay disclaimer: I havent really had a lot of udon to say this but in my experience, yes this is the best! Why? 

1st - the broth is SO good, so flavourful! Nothing can describe it, too complex a flavour profile
2nd - the nooooodles. Idk how they cook it and how they know how long to cook it for but yknow how most udon places, the udon still tastes & feels really starchy? I dont really like that taste/feeling so I generally stay away from it but this one was so soft and had only small traces of that taste that I finished almost everything! I didnt finish all because I was too stuffed else I would've! The boy was also amazed at this seemingly simple bowl of udon. I would go and try the udon at Liang Court to see which is better and update y'all! :) 4.4/5

Kuu House Roll
$100 for 4
Uni, salmon roe, toro, caviar

We originally wanted to get the cocktail sushi but that was $40 for 1 and this is $100 for 4 with almost similar ingredients just that this has toro instead of snow crab! Look at these little devils :) 

Can you imagine the bliss when you put that whole roll into your mouth? Trust me your mouth will be big enough and is big enough :) Its not just topped with these ingredients, the middle of the roll is stuffed with it too!

Upon putting the whole roll into your mouth, you'll taste a mixture of flavours! Sweet salty uni, sweet ikura, and ok no taste from the toro hahah but it adds texture to this roll! Overall, you get this mushy yummy goodness exploding in your mouth :) the caviar is more for the wow factor and you wont taste it unless you eat it on its own. 4.4/5

Overall I'd say food here is definitely not bad with new innovative dishes catered to the latest food fads like uni, truffle, toro, ikura, foie gras and it is done rather well. Food is fresh and that's what's important isn't it?

Service is a bit splotchy though, I had to ask for my green tea to be refilled, staff didnt really know the menu well, but they were all polite and smiley! Ambience is good too, nice spacing between tables and nice comfy chairs :)

Might be back to try some of the affordable lunch sets or to try their other rolls/omakase!

Sushi Kuu
Palais Renaissance #01-06/07 (its near the chocolate shop/toilet)
390 Orchard Road Singapore 238871
Mon-Sun 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm

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