Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rather New Restaurant: Moosehead Kitchen & Bar

Had dinner with the boy at this restaurant that's been on my radar for awhile! The chef here used to work at FoodBarDada and I was quite fond of the food there so I was q excited about dinner that night! 

Pictured below is the restaurant, do take note that it is at the beginning of Telok Ayer Street if you're driving in and its on your right :) Was quite surprised that it is such a small restaurant! 

The interior! Dimly lit, quite romantic? Even though its small, privacy isn't compromised which is good :) Buttttt it also means that photos would likely be of low quality, so please do forgive the photos below! And forgive my amateur photo shooting + editing skills! I only use iPhoto to edit!

Scrambled Eggs, smoked porcini, summer truffle

The menu presented to us said "scrambled eggs" but we got a sunny side up when the dish arrived. We just took it as it is, broke the runny yolk and mixed everything up :) The mushrooms were quite nice, but its hard to go wrong right? I thought this dish was rather okay, average at best. Cant really taste any truffle. The truffle slices itself weren't all that fragrant as well. The baguette was a bit chewy for me, not crusty enough and many parts were charred, carcinogenic no? 3/5

Chargrilled Asparagus, leeks, garlic miso dressing

Now this, this was the STAR of the night!!!! Wonderfully juicy crunchy asparagus with the umami dressing, the first mouthful of this dish will just make you yearn for more! Its wonderful with the leeks as well, because the leeks provide a textural contrast against the heavenly asparagus! Please please order this. I would say you'd love it even if you dont like veggies! As I type this, I'm still reminiscing this excellent simple dish done superbly well! Initially I was skeptical, how good can chargrilled asparagus be? But I realised, the fat juicy asparagus, the magical savoury dressing and the leeks are what makes this dish work! 5/5 

Iberian pork "Presa", pickled portobello, shishito peppers

We were quite surprised when this dish was served because the plate used is usually associated with Chinese tse char restaurants! I really loved the pickled portobello mushrooms in this dish Its kinda like preserved mushrooms. Not quite sure how the pork was done but basically it was cut into small sizeable portions. Minimal fat in the pork and it was not too tough/chewy/difficult to bite, rather it was beautifully cooked (see pic below). Although seasoning was a bit bland for me, the mushrooms were a great pairing with the "heavier" pork. Shishito peppers somehow werent as fragrant as I wanted/remembered them to be. 4.1/5

Pitsachio tart, yuzu creme fraiche

Do note that this is NOT a tart!!!!! Its more of a crumbly cake, there's no tart crust/pastry cream etc. I felt that the cake itself was a little bland but it was still good in terms of texture for me - slightly crumbly but not overly so, and moist enough for my taste! The yuzu creme fraiche is, like what many others have raved, an ingenious creation! It makes a cream-adverse person like me want and willing to eat cream! It goes very well with the cake! Cant really discern any pistachio anywhere. There are pistachio nuts studded here & there. 3.6/5

Service: very friendly, prompt and smiley. Water was constantly refilled. Was q surprised when the chef himself served us some of the dishes. Definitely satisfactory service!

When we were there (10 sept), the guy said that they were changing their menus soon! So by now, it is possible that their menu is different. 

Moosehead Kitchen & Bar
110 Telok Ayer Street
6636 8055
Mon-Sat 11am-11pm (note that their lunch menu is a bit smaller than dinner and there are some items that're in the lunch menu thats not in dinner menu)
Happy hour: Mon-Fri 4-7pm 1-1 selected wines/spirits etc 
Facebook (do check for their menu, they upload it sporadically)

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