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When I read that Chef Bruno Menard's opening a casual restaurant here in Singapore, I marked down the opening date and visited it on the 2nd day since it opened :) Giving it time to make improvements on the first day! The restaurant is styled with a pacman theme in mind and its quirky and very idk diner style like? There are pics of it on their fb page but I shall just kope one here!

Credits: &Made fb

Here's their menu:

I really like the quote "The inventor of the hamburger has a place in heaven" :)

Kitchen area to your left where Chef Bruno Menard REALLY cooks and you can kinda see him in action :)

The 3 Little Pigs 
Bacon, pork filet & chorizo patty, shitake mushrooms, Japanese cabbage, Shibazuke pickles, yuzu-kosho mayonnaise 
Served with fries and &Made BBQ sauce

The boy had this and he couldn't stop gushing about how nice the bun is even hours after we had our lunch!! He says its very buttery and flakey, kinda like a croissant! And idk if you can tell from the above pic but there are layers to the bun, not just like a thick uniform slab which in my boy's opinion, was great! He was surprised at how juicy the burger was 'cos even when he held it up to take a bite, all the yummy juices flowed downwards *slurp* marking the start of a good yummy satisfying burger. Its quite a thick patty made up of the 3 style of pork meat producing a patty that was a little chewy, a little crunchy and of course, GOOD.  Its like a sausage in terms of taste and texture. Don't worry abt the strong porky smell cos this doesnt have!

 The components of the burger went v well together as it made the burger super juicy! The mushrooms (black pieces you see in the first 2 pics) were very juicy and plump, now tell me, who doesnt like juicy fat mushrooms? Imagine biting into them and thinking, mmmmm bliss~ The pickles were a good addition to the burger balancing out the patty 'cos it was sour and crunchy! So you won't get sick of it :) The mayo tastes like normal mayo 'cos the yuzu scent's really light! Unless you eat the sauce alone, else you'll just think its normal mayo. Overall, the boy said this was a pleasant experience and one that he doesnt mind reliving! A good alternative if you're okay with sinful stuff and dont feel like eating beef! 4.3/5

 Toastoo Ratatouille
Mixed vegetables, tapenade & Raciette cheese
Served with a green salad

The toastoo is a "new generation sandwich made with french buckwheat crepes". At first I thought it'd be like the buckwheat crepes we have in Singapore, like the one shown below

But no! It came in a shape of an actual toast which is what made it interesting and kinda surprised me a little :) I liked that this was filled with REAL ratatouille and that the cheese wasn't overpowering the ratatouille! It was toasted till it was crispy at the sides, a plus point! I was quite happy with my light and nice lunch :) the side salad was just very normal.


The boy and I then had dessert! Chef Bruno was walking around and he came to our table and recommended us the sundaes! Esp the white choc one he said was his fav so we ordered sundaes! The sundaes are served with &Made soft ice-cream & creme chantilly

White chocolate
White chocolate sauce, passion fruit coulis & caramelised coconut shavings

This was a nicely thought out dessert 'cos the sweetness of the white choc is balanced out nicely w the tangy passionfruit! This was mainly abt the passionfruit so if you're a lover, you shld take this! The coconut bits went well with the sundae and the fact that it was so creamy and cold made it super enjoyable!!! This sundae is for someone who doesnt really like sweet stuff! 3.5/5

Red fruit coulis, vanilla crumble, fresh mix berries

One word: HEAVEN!!!! Especially if you eat this on a hot day, omg you'd be totally in heaven man!! Its served SO DAMN COLD but not too cold that you'd get a brain freeze but cold enough to make you happy!! :) I LOVED LOVED this sundae cos well I love berries and this was right up my alley!! They were super generous w the berries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, many of them in such a small cup. The crumble was right at the bottom, providing a nice good textural contrast to the sundae and gave it some sort of a sweetness as well! The creme chantilly isn't too sweet thank goodness and melds well with the soft ice cream that you can't really differentiate them! The ice cream is creamy but doesnt have a strong milky taste and its just SUPER pleasant and delicious! The cornflakes on top gave a crunch to it as well!! Yummy!! I tried to scoop every last bit left and I'd certainly be back for this! 5/5

This is the entrance from outside Pacific Plaza and the steps from this side to the restaurant is kinda cute :)  There's of course an entrance from inside the mall itself! Service was super good, very friendly smiley and funny! They're more than happy to recommend you stuff and to help w anything you need! Chef Bruno Mernard was walking around the restaurant as well, (he walks arnd q alot!) checking with the patrons to see how things are going, recommending stuff etc. A humble guy I feel :) 

I'd surely be back for their sundaes and perhaps a salad, toastoo or their breakfast!! Its a nice place to chill with rather average prices and yummy food! Oh yes, apparently the chef will be based permanently here! First 3 Michelin Star chef to do that, and I'm glad he decided to!!

Pacific Plaza


  1. hello! any service charge here?

  2. So is there service charge?

    1. Hi Anon!! Sorry for not replying, missed out your comment! Anw I'm not sure if they have service charge but I strongly think so!


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