Saturday, July 14, 2012

Foodbar Dada

I'd say, Foodbar Dada is an unassuming looking place that packs a punch in terms of food AND drinks! This below, is their entrance, I mean can the sign get any smaller? Haha but anyway we were SO glad we found it :) Its RIGHT next to Smitten in case you're looking for it too haha. 

The restaurant is REALLY small, kinda like Liberty Coffee if you've been there but anyways, the seats are V limited and its best you make reservations before going down! Max 2hrs eating but I think that's quite enough time!! 

The boy and I got seated at the bar, in front of the "kitchen" where the chefs did their thing and the mixologist did his. It was nice watching them prepare our food! Props go to the chef manning the Josper grill, man that thing is HOT when you open it! We could feel the heat from where we were seated and that's where all your food is cooked! Its like a stove to him haha and its awesome how he cooks stuff with it!

Here's their menu for the night! An updated one can be found on their Fb!

Amuse boche
Toast with roasted red peppers, onion and vinegar

The toast was v crispy! A little morsel that was not bad!

Watermelon Gazpacho and Charcoal Olive Oil Ice Cream

I love this! A great starter I'd say. It was sourish which piqued our appetite and what's more interesting is that its both sweet AND savory! The brown pieces there are crispy fried onions which is sweet but savory at the same time, the ice cream went VERY well w the gazpacho and its a really interesting flavour. Its kinda nice to see how the chef drops this ice cream quenelle into the soup w care :) This is marked a good start to our meal :) 4.3/5

The boy's drink: vodka, passionfruit, thyme, lemon, pineapple

He asked for something sweet and sour so this was what he got! We liked the drink but couldn't really taste the alcohol! It was a great mix nonetheless :)

Josper mini squid with eggs

This was so warm, delicious and homey! Its like something you'd eat at a cze char stall but w less oil, more flavour and fresh squids!! The squids were chewy but in a good way and it was good w the runny eggs :) 4.2/5

Grilled bread

This came along w the squids and since it was just plain bread, we ate it w the squids on top! Not a bad combi. We were asked if we wanted more bread but declined.

My drink: (forgot what the base was sorry!), mixed berries, egg white

I loved my drink! I asked for sth sweet and refreshing and this was what I got! The alcohol was q strong and dont worry abt the egg white, there wasn't any funny taste!

They have a drink menu currently and a list of cocktails you can try but if you're up for sth else, do tell the wait staff what you'd like your drink to be and the mixologist will come up w sth for you! :)

Sishito Peppers and Shitakes

The star of this dish is truly the mushrooms!!!! Its UBER juicy and flavourful, awesome awesome mushrooms :) to quote hsueh, "I would love a scoop of the mushrooms on bakchormee"! The brown circles you see are nuts I think, caramelized which brought a nice sweet crunch to this dish. Peppers were not bad but outshone by mushrooms!! 4.5/5

Black Mediterranean rice

This is one portion aka $8 and its good for one so yup do order accordingly! This was not bad, we saw the chef pouring seafood stock onto the rice numerous times before serving it. The dollop of cream or wtv it is goes very well w the rice, I suggest you eat it w the rice weight watchers!! Cos its good! :) Would like to have more of the squid ink flavour shining through tho (am assuming that's where the black colour comes from) or the seafood flavour, for now its q bland. Not too wet though. 3.6/5

Grilled Sea bass a la "donostiarra"

The menu on Foodbar's fb says the seabass is $25 now but I guess its probably a bigger portion? The $6 for the above dish definitely justifies it!! The 3 slices were q thick and nicely done! Crispy skin, soft flesh which went well w the sauce and the caramelized onions (I suppose) 4.5/5

Josper chocolate souffle, vanilla and passionfruit

This was done in an oven looking thing and not the Josper grill haha anyway the chocolate souffle was not bad. The first impression was: ok it doesnt rise up as nicely and as high as ODP's souffle or other souffles I've seen. It kinda resembles a molten lava cake more but anw, the choc was not bad, gooey and flow-y, good for someone who likes choc and wants comfort food :) Vanilla and passionfruit was more like vanilla creme and passionfruit on top, not bad w the souffle. 3.8/5

Yoghurt mousse with mango, lime and basil chutney

At first I forgot the white thing was yoghurt mousse and not whipped cream haha. Anw I think this is SO much better than whipped cream!!! Slightly tangy but creamy too, eaten w the sweet & sour combi of mango and lime mixed w basil, mmmm, it was a light and refreshing end to the nice meal we had :) 4.2/5

Their fb menu's more extensive vs the one I had that day and its a good thing! Means new dishes are being introduced :) Guys may not be full after a meal here depending on what you order but based on what the boy and I ordered, we were q full and it was just enough for us. We spent about $120 for all that's stated above!

Service was very friendly and q attentive! Food was served fast and piping hot :) Great place to chill I feel! The tables are q small so large grps may have a bit more trouble. The bar area (aka sitting in front of the open kitchen + bar) I'd say is conducive for 3 people or less. They do have non-bar area seats w proper tables and stuff.

Foodbar Dada
60 Robertson Quay, The Quayside #01-12 (just look for Stacked Dim Sum and Smitten, its in btwn)
Opens only for dinner


  1. Is the bar seating or proper tables better, u think? Do the chefs take the time to explain the dishes like at Japanese restaurants?

    1. Hi Bern! The chefs do not take the time to explain anything to you haha. The chef asked us once if things were ok and that was it? They're q busy in the kitchen! Mmm if you wanna watch how things are prepared (Which is the same aft awhile cos they only have that many dishes) and have a few ppl (less than 3) then bar's good else table's better for proper talk and catching up if more than 3 ppl! :)

  2. Is reserving a must? Have been meaning to pay a visit, but most probably will be a last minute trip if time allows

    1. Well if you want to be sure of a table I think its better to reserve cos I went on a Tues night and a couple got turned away cos there weren't any tables available. I'd say either go right when they open or q late like 8-ish when ppl finish dinner? Or just call before going down to confirm if there are tables? :)


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