Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Platters Bistro & Wine Bar

Platters was on my radar ever since it opened but didnt really fancy what the first chef created so have been waiting for the next chef and from July - Oct, you can savour Chef Yen's creations at Platters! :)

I really like their concept though it may be a little hard to execute given that diff chefs have diff styles etc so the kitchen crew must be like damn adaptable? But anyhow, I'd say they've done a good job! You can read about Chef Yen at their website for more info but basically, he's an established chef and this menu showcases his "memories from his recent travels around Asia".

The boy and I went on a weekday night and the restaurant was considerably quiet, even so, it exuded warmth from the yellow lightings and the wooden furniture. Much like eating in a ranch haha. Anyway, the menu is innovative and comes in different things on a "platter" (or a wooden board in this case) and its meant to be shared. I like this concept very much, the amalgamation of Western and Eastern influences here is very distinct.

Btw, their wine selections are HUGEASS so yea, wine lovers take note! Or if you're a hardcore wine fan, you'd probably alr know :)

In the menu, you can choose "full board" or "half board", the former represents the longer boards shown here and the latter, the shorter boards. They're boards on which your food will be presented on aka the portion sizing!

Tonight, the first three items on the menu weren't available and I was q sad as I wanted to try 1-2 of those dishes but oh well! More reason to go back I guess? :)

Salmon Symphony
salmon belly tartar / seared salmon tataki / green espuma / orange basil dressing / crispy white bait / kelp sprinkle / fresh cabbage coleslaw / toasted foccacia

Ok those are what I got off the menu but its not exactly in that order! So lemme rearrange things.

The green blob there? Its the green espuma w salmon belly tartar below, and I suggest eating this atop the toasted foccacia (which is like plain toasted bread on its own). Then the seared salmon tataki (done nicely!) sits on top the cabbage coleslaw (refreshing!) and topped w the orange basil dressing which was delicious with the seared salmon. Crispy white bait was v crispy, not oily at all so its good and I like the spices sprinkled on it! 4/5

Chef Yen's travelogue
Grilled tiger prawns / peanut and chilli dressing / papaya relish
Mini cones with crab meat stuffing / granny smith and celery with lime mayonnaise
Seared scallop / leak and chinese sausage

Now I really really LOVED this dish!! It was like eating 3 different cuisines on a platter. Really feel like I travelled Asia after this dish! Highly recommend it!! First up, the prawns, they were no doubt small, but crunchy and juicy, done very well. The dressing was what made you go "OH!! I know which cuisine this is!!! Indonesian!!!" It tastes strikingly like the peanut dressing on so many Indonesian dishes! The papaya relish, needless to say, was very thai tasting!

On to the mini cones now! The cones are probably infused with charcoal hence the black colour? Not sure though! But tastes just like any normal cone however, the stuffing is what's special! Its a very nice mix of sweet and savory. I can't exactly break down what was sweet and what was savory because it was just like wham,  there goes my yummy alarm bells! The crab meat, juicy and sweet, paired w the slightly salty salmon roe, then the sweet but slightly sour granny smith plus the sweet mayo mmmm!! You have to try it to know it :)

Scallops! Very nicely seared I'd say. Plump and fat and juicy! The leak and chinese sausage "mash" at the bottom TOTALLY reminded us of Japan!!! Its like something you'd eat in Japan though a bit salty for my liking. I know what you're thinking, chinese sausage? Japan? No link!! But really, when we didnt know what the ingredients were and we tasted it, we thought of Japan haha.

So all in all, I really loved this dish cos firstly, I love seafood and secondly, I love how they're prepared! Thanks for bringing me on a trip, Chef Yen! 4.6/5

Dessert a ' trois
Baked banana and chocolate strudel / lemongrass mousse / earl grey flan

Baked banana & choc strudel: ok as you can tell, its more of a spring roll haha. This came PIPING hot, so I suggest you eat sth else first before coming back to this lest you burn your tongue/mouth, it'll still stay hot dont worry (Actually depending on how fast you eat the oth dessert la k). Anw, this was q average, choc + banana, warm melting choc oozing over soft sweet banana enveloped in a crispy skin, how wrong can you go with this?

Mango and raspberry (this isn't written in the menu haha): mangoes were v sweet!! Raspberries werent that sour tho

Lemongrass mousse: strong lemongrass taste w a not so silky mousse, I like!

Earl grey flan (with vanilla ice cream + cookies & cream wafer): I would've liked it if the earl grey taste was stronger but that's a personal thing 'cos it was alr q strong! The vanilla ice cream went well with the flan, I'd call it a mousse actually, cos it wasn't as idk "strong and sturdy" as a flan. Wafer was normal.

Desserts on the whole: 3.7/5

All of the platters are half portions and if I'm not wrong we spent $108 for two (there was some cents in that but I cant rmb the exact!). We didnt order drinks, only drank iced water! I'd love to go back and try the first 3 that wasn't available that day. Oh yes the waitress said "let's graze" is quite substantial, like half portion is q ok for 2 ppl to share! I really like the idea and concept of this restaurant, totally looking forward to go back! I'd go back for the travelogue actually haha. Can't wait for the next chef to see what he can come up with as well!! The food definitely isnt very filling so I'd suggest ordering more if y'all are hungry/big eaters! There isn't complimentary bread given at the start so those who love your carbs, sadly, there aren't much options for that!

The service is quite lacking though. The boy and I had iced water right, and the waitresses walked past our table quite a few times and LOOKED at our table but didnt refill our glasses though it was like 1/4 full only? I had to ask them twice to refill my water. And mind you, it was a WEEKDAY night and there were only like 4 - 5 tables of people (small grps) and there were like 2 waitresses who mostly had nth much to do so dont understand why they couldnt fill our cups. But they were friendly nonetheless.

Platters Bistro & Wine Bar
42 Club Street


  1. I went there too, and the food is awesome and the wine is lovely, the concept is great, every body is professional nice.
    It's a WINE BAR, and if you are going to this kind of place is for at least try wine by the glass and don't ask for tap water which is free and tipical local!!
    I disagree with you about the service!
    We were 5 pax and ordered travelogue and I asked to the waiter one more cone with crab and gave us 1 more for free.
    We have tried some organic wine recommend by the manager and was a surprise to rediscover

  2. We were too full to have a dessert but the menu was very enticing with ice creams, custard, and sweet potato pie.
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