Monday, July 16, 2012

The Factory: Artisan fries & ice cream!

Cafes these days are located in deserted, unheard of roads that are quite troublesome to get to if you don't have a car and are lazy haha but people still go anyway 'cos well, apart from the many new food places, what else is there to satisfy our yearning for novelty?

Anyway, this place opened not long ago and well we were kinda attracted to the fries and their interesting dips (Actually more of the latter!) so finally we made a trip down today!

Their hand-made toppings to go w your ice cream :) I find them quite interesting especially how there's an alcoholic slant to it.

Their menu board (click for a larger pic!)

They also have another one for ice cream prices (cone, single scoop etc kinda prices)

Drinks menu! Think the fruit sodas sound interesting :)

Some pics of the interior: 

Citrus Lavender Sorbet with attap seeds with gin & lime

Out of all the ice creams I've tried, I liked this one the most 'cos its flavour shines through the most (to me) but of course you can try the flavours so no worries abt that! Think its $3.50 for a scoop? Quite big a scoop. Not sure how much the topping costs though! This flavour had a strong lavender taste that was balanced out nicely w a lemony taste! The attap seeds were ok but I think a little too wet? Like too soaked in the gin & lime that it kinda loses its texture?

Waffle with citrus lavender sorbet

I ordered this and if I'm not wrong you add another $3.50 for waffle so it's like $7 in total for a waffle + single scoop? IF I'm not wrong la :) Well this waffle is more of like the Hong Kong ji dan zai yknow the egg waffle thing?? Cos it has like an eggy taste but not in a bad way just that we don't usually associate this taste w this kinda waffles! This was quite crispy on that outside but inside is kinda dense not fluffy and light. I'm sorry but Wimbly's has been my benchmark ever since I've eaten their waffle and I've been saying that I prolly shouldnt eat waffles anymore elsewhere 'cos srsly I havent found a place that can compare to theirs!!! This was not bad la I think haha just that I like my waffles light and crispy! This was a little dense for me :) 3.6/5

Taster platter with 8 artisan dips

This is definitely recommended for sharing!!

Fries (fat and skinny ones!)
Yes you can ask for a mix!

The fries were fried upon order (we could hear the crackling haha) and came piping hot but pity the aircon was too strong maybe? So it cooled very quickly and got a little soggy afterwards :/ Anw according to the boy, the fat ones are good cos obviously there's more potato taste and you can smear it with the dips. The skinny ones, though thin and v crispy weren't really suited for dipping cos you cant really get the sauce on it!

All frm left to right!

Top row: 
Laksa pesto: the boy and mom both said this doesnt taste like laksa! He said it just had a light herb scent, can't really taste anything.
Curry mustard: they both commented that this had v strong spices taste that was kinda overwhelming so they didnt really like this!
Smoked chedder & blue cheese: this just tasted like cheese just a bit creamier and the blue cheese was what made it different! Good if you like blue cheese but bad if you can't stand blue cheese!!! (Cos of the uh pungent smell haha) But of course, the blue cheese is not mixed w the cheddar so you can just not dip into it if you dont like it!

Middle row:
 Spicy melted tomato w chinchalok: This is their best seller dip and it certainly lives up to its name! Its kinda like a salsa when you first taste it, perhaps 'cos its tomato based, but after awhile the chinchalok surprises you! The boy likes this, haha cos its sweet, lil spicy and sour all at once!
Tartare w chopped gherkin: very much similar to normal tartar sauce just a little more watery and quite a classic to dip w fries esp when you order fish & chips haha but a joy to eat with!

Bottom row:
Vegetarian chilli crab: The boy was q surprised when he tasted this 'cos its really q similar to how chilli crab sauce tastes like! Good thing is that its not too spicy!
Marmite honey aioli: sweet and salty, somehow the taste of one doesn't cover up the other and this was not bad too!
Sweet onion & bak kwa: Its kinda sweet and there are bits of bak kwa in it and the dip does taste like bak kwa cept a little sweet and its cold! Worth trying!

The lady at the shop today was VERYVERY friendly and nice :) She was v enthusiastic abt letting us try the ice cream and serving us!! Good service just makes people happy too haha. The ice creams aren't nothing to shout for imho as the flavours dont really shine through for me. The boy said white choc was good though! I tried matcha, dark cherry, blackcurrant sorbet, banana (this was q good and strong banana taste), mango (not bad too!) yup. There was caramel macadamia (I think), chocolate and strawberry on display too.

The Factory
22 Lim Tua Tow Road (upper serangoon road there)
Mon-Thurs: 1-10pm
Fri-Sun: 1-11pm

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