Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dean and Deluca Breakfast!

Since there was SO much hype generated about Dean and Deluca, I just had to go down and check it out *nosy-Singaporean-on-the-move*. I'm particularly wowed by the spice selections and their chocolate bars! Their products are sourced from a wide variety of countries, namely Italy, France, Greece, US, etc. and its all stated on the product!

Most (99%) of the bread, pastries, tarts and cakes are NOT made in-house, all sourced from bakeries in Singapore like Maison Kayser, baker & cook, bread project bakery etc and the place they are sourced from is stated on the tags. Some breads/items are exclusive to Dean & Deluca! Like this pain aux dates from Maison Kayser and etc bread.

The Sunday aft they opened, the queue was CRAZY long so I didnt bother queuing. I then went on a Friday afternoon and there wasn't any queue! 

Cheese counter

Omg you MUST go over there and say hello to my cheese friend hehe (I'd call her my friend though we've only met twice over the cheese counter!). She's DAMN awesome w cheeses and she'll teach you how to taste and savour and enjoy cheese!!! 

I hated blue cheese for the stinky smell but she has me as a convert now!!! I'd definitely try blue cheese if it were done her way haha. Dont worry if you're going "omg how am I supposed to know what cheese to buy" cos you're able to TASTE THEM! Yes that's right! Most cheeses can be tasted so yup pls dont hesitate to ask for testers even if you're not buying! 

The v friendly girl just wants to let ppl enjoy cheese :) And the cheese selections change SUPER frequently!!! Cos she's constantly sourcing for new cheeses and rotates the cheese as well. Like on Sunday when I went, the cheese display was slightly diff frm the following Fri's!

There's a cheese w truffle bits in it, a cheese wrapped in chery + fig + walnut leaves (how cool huh but cant try this sadly), lots of cheddar varieties, and etc cheeses!!! 

Get this: they're having CHEESE W WASABI and CHEESE W SAMBAL the coming week! She told me its best to go down on weekends cos the cheese will most likely be in stock then! I'd definitely be going down to check those out hehe. And guess what, the cheese w SAMBAL is made in Holland. Lol!

Brie de Meaux cheese

Bought this for my own consumption aft much trying! I love it 'cos tho its v strong (for me) when eaten on its own, when eaten w crackers, its perfect! I like that it has a kinda hard exterior but inside its soft and melty and v aromatic haha. 

Fig and Olive oil raincoast crisps

I love these crisps w the cheese!!! They're q good on their own too, definitely for the health conscious tho :) 

Black truffle chocolate ($15)

Quite expensive huh? So was it worth it? I'd say its not really worth it cos the truffle taste isnt v strong. Its just slightly saltish and the choc's v dark and good. You could give it a try tho!

Apple tart (baker & cook)

Thought this was okay, would be better w more cinnamon!!

Croissant (Maison Kayser)

This was great!! As usual :)

Berries and Flap Jacks
Oat and honey buttermilk pancakes, topped with fresh mixedberries and Dean & DeLuca's Organic Pure Maple Syrup ' Grade A Dark Maple Syrup

Firstly, I didnt know there'd be whipped cream else I'd have asked for it to be omitted.
Secondly, my pancakes were supposed to be in a nice stack but I suppose this is q artistic too ;)
Thirdly, they werent that well-drenched in that maple-syrup-w-the-long-name so I asked for more!

On to the taste!

These are thick, kinda like Wild Honey's but its nowhere as dry as Wild Honey's! These are q moist and q fluffy but not very fluffy. They need a certain amt of maple syrup to make them all right. A lot of berries given which I definitely like. Can get a bit of a bore towards the end. Nothing v fantastic or flavourful. 3.6/5

Oh yes, but if you liked the pancakes, the mix is available for sale as well as the maple syrup! I'd say, BUY the maple syrup haha.

American country breakfast
Bacon, hashbrown, 1 roasted tomato, 2 thick slices of multi-grain toast, scrambled eggs, sauteed mushrooms, sausage

The boy loved the sausage, it was super juicy, even I could tell from the way the juices spurt out when he cut it haha but the bacon didnt look or sound crispy at all neither was the hash brown but I'm not sure!

I think Dean & DeLuca could probably give diners the option of choosing white/wholemeal bread cos I saw q a few tables w those 2 pieces of toast leftover! SO wasteful zomg. Think it was q average for him only! 3.6/5

Ordering area + main cafe seating area! There are more seats at the oth end of the shop. Rockwall scenery while dining haha.

Wanted to order the Belgian Stack aka waffles but they looked not crispy so didnt order that! New Yorker (bagel w smoked salmon & scrambled eggs) looked yummy! The french toast was a hot dish, recommended by many!

I'd be back to try more cheese and probably to buy breads/cakes/etc when I'm too lazy to go down to the specific shops and want many varieties to choose from :)

Dean & DeLuca
Lvl 4 Orchard Central

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