Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Women's Only Wednesday (WOW) Buffet at The Dining Room

Hello everyone!!!!

My friends and I were SOOOO excited for WOW hahaha because its a night where women get 50% off the buffet dinner price!! I shall reveal how much it costs per pax so you can tell how WORTH IT this buffet is!!!! 


That is after GST and service charge!!!! Damn worth it considering the spread below and all are of good quality!!!

Assorted breads

Their breads were v gooooood!!! I'm a bread fanatic and try breads at every single buffets and I can safely say that out of all the buffets I've been to, The Dining Room serves the best bread! The crusts were still v crispy even though they've been sitting there throughout dinner! And how do I know? I took a piece when I started dinner and took another after my desserts about 1hr later and it was still crispy!! The stuff on the plate in the foreground are bread too, multigrain and another w walnuts, I liked the one w walnuts! My friend said the rolls in the middle of the foreground plate was good too!

Soup next to this - asparagus soup and Herbal Chicken

Friend said herbal chicken was really good!!!

Salad counter

They had hummus and olive spread to go with the pita bread or just use it to go w the sliced breads which was what I did! The spreads are good btw (: Liked the olive one!

Oysters, Prawns

Oysters - Please open your eyes and choose the fat plump ones!!!! There were quite a lot of them and I LOVED this!! So creamy and slightly sweet and FAT hahahaah. Plump and nice. Slurp-worthy!!!!! One of the better oysters at buffets (:

Prawns - Please choose the big fat ones too!!! The flesh is so fresh and crunchy! YUM (:


Mmmmm these were good too! Undoubtedly fresh though meat could have been a little sweeter but it was firm and satisfying (:

Assorted appetisers

Sesame-crusted tuna on seaweed, some tofu thing, caprese salad

Tried the tuna one and sadly, the tuna wasnt that good? Like didnt really have taste and a tad hard!

Assorted sushi


Sashimi counter

The sashimi chef alr sliced the diff sashimi available and put it on a plate so you can just take them or tell him/her what you want and he/she will slice it for you! There's tuna, shrimp, octopus and salmon!

Now on to desserts!

Tiramisu (top right)

This was not bad, but a stronger liqueur taste is preferred for me. Do make sure you take the ladyfinger inside because the first scoop I took only had the cream!! Haha

Pear and almond crumble

This was so so only, didnt really have pear taste or anything.

Almond Coconut Cake

To me, this was nice! The sponge cake was light and fluffy, frosting tasted like coconut and not too sweet with shreds of desiccated coconut, mmmm~ had 2 slices of this!

Didnt try this!

 Chocolate cone with Berries

There's chocolate mousse in the cone! The friend said this was v chocolatey and good! For a pic of the choc cones, scroll up 2 pics and look at the right side of the pic!

Praline Crunchy Chocolate Slice

MMMMMM this was goood!!!!!! The choc mousse was rich decadent and goooood on top of a crunchy crispy base, yummm! This was super good, we had seconds, thirds and more! (: 

Assorted fruits

They added more fruits after that like peach, pear, strawberries etc. Watermelon was sweeeet! Dragonfruit q nice the rest didnt try. Oh rock melon was ok only.

Chocolate fountain!

The strawberries at this station were good! Sweet and big hehe.

Cherry Clafoutis

Didnt try this!

Ice cream!

There was triple chocolate and lemongrass haha. Same brand as 10@Claymore's!

Froyo machine with assorted toppings!!

Didnt try! But friends said not bad.

Lamb kebab station!

Get them to help you with this cos its quite hard to slice the meat! This was not bad I think!


There was also roast beef next to this and the friends said the roast beef was quite good, soft and nice!

Saffron pilaf rice with minced mutton and rosemary
Couscous with toasted almond and raisin

The couscous was quite nice! Light and fluffy, not bad.

Roasted rosemary marble potato
Vegetable caponata

The vegetable caponata was super good imo! Mix of eggplant, capsicums, onions, tomatoes etc and stewed till they are so soft and fragrant with this light tomato sauce. Took a few servings of this!

Eggplant parmesan
Saffron roasted mushrooms

The friend said the eggplant was yummy cos it was baked with cheese! Mushrooms were ok, didnt really have saffron taste, average dish.

Deviled chicken
Roasted duck with orange sauce

Steamed clam and Mussel with Puttanesca Sauce
Gambas al Pil Pil

The steamed mussels were good! Fresh and juicy, slightly sweet, paired with the fragrant tomato based sauce, yum!

The gamas al Pil Pil is a prawn dish, think its spicy!

Braised beef short ribs with mushroom
Herb baked snapper with beans ragout

The snapper tasted like CHICKEN!! Doesnt have the texture of fish at all. My 2 other friends concurred with me lol. And they cook it with baked beans!! Haha at least looks like baked beans. But dont worry, no baked beans taste or the tomato sauce taste! Just feels like chicken haha

Love the ambience of The Dining Room

Some pics of what I had:

Green tea mousse with red bean

This was gooooood! They put this up after the 1st tier of the praline choc slice was gone and boy was I glad I saw this! Quite strong green tea mousse (Y) and chunky red beans below, yum! Had 2 servings of this!

Waffles a la minute and pear tart

Dont miss this cos we nearly did!! Lucky I saw people ordering from the station else I'd have missed this!!! This is in the "Station" beside the fruits!! Look out for it! The waffles are not too thick, crispy on the outside and quite soft inside! Goes so darn well with the maple syrup. There's also berry compote, banana chunks stewed in some sauce, vanilla sauce etc to go with it!

They also served pear tart at this station but didnt try it!!

I felt the WOW promotion is really extremely value for money! Just the seafood on ice alone is worth the price tag alr! Plus the food served are all generally of good quality. Though on the Sheraton website it says dinner starts at 7pm on Weds but we went at arnd 6.40pm? And we could go in and have our dinner already! 

Service: the staff are v alert and always clear your plates on time, refill your water, good prompt smiley service! Saw them having a pep talk when we came in.

I would say GO FOR WOW all you ladies (: The spread isn't big, but for the price, its worth it!! The normal buffet dinner price is 58++ though, and I dont think its that worth it considering the spread isnt big! But for ladies, haha lucky for us!!! (:

The Dining Room
Sheraton Towers


  1. Wow! :) Thanks for the lovely pics. Will try there soon..cheers tl

  2. Why only women? I wish males have that too

  3. cause women eat less :P

  4. can you give more good value location


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