Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Hello everyone!

I gotta apologise for the lack of posts! I went away for a holiday and only came back recently, so :) As I was catching up with the latest food scene happenings in Singapore, I realized that my dear garden city really evolves and changes super quickly! In just 12 days that I've been gone, there are SO many new places that I wanna try!!! Oh gosh, no WONDER my list is never-ending!

After lunch on Saturday, I dragged the super full boy to Tiong Bahru Bakery 'cos I wanted to try out their breads + pastries! Simply can't resist that combination ;)

Here's the entrance! Its just a few doors down from Orange Thimble.

Coffee machine once you enter

And then you start queueing. But no worries, the queue moves q quickly! Seats are almost always taken on weekends but people dont really take that long to eat bread/sandwich and pastries so you shld get a table q quickly! :)

Their croissants seemed to be the hot seller 'cos trays and trays and TRAYS of 'em just kept coming outta the kitchen!


Pastries on offer!

Pineapple, Mango & Passionfruit Tart

How could I resist such a nice sounding tart? Haha and it was not bad! Mainly taste the pineapple though, ok you can see passionfruit bits but cant taste them and the mango taste is just... not there. The tart base was ok, a little too hard, slightly flakier would be better! 3.6/5

Chocolate Tart?

Not sure what this was called haha 'cos once I saw a tray of this coming outta the kitchen, I quickly told the super friendly waitress behind the counter that I wanted one and she got it for me! I thought it was totally choc but instead, its a layer of choc ganache then a layer of nuts then layer of dried fruits! Its not bad, the choc was dark and sexy, nuts gave a slight crunch and fruits added that little bit of sweetness, not bad combi. But well, overall, rather average to me? 3.6/5

From our table

 The baker!

Squid ink bun

This was actually sold out! But LUCKILY while we sat there eating our pastries, a tray of it appeared from the kitchen! And once again, I quicklyyyyyy went to the cashier and told the super friendly cashier that I wanted one and he happily got one for me :) I ate it this morning and well, it was sorta a letdown? It smells great no doubt, but it just tastes salty? Not the squid ink that I'm familiar w in pastas haha. I reckon it'd be great for sandwiches. I was v excited about squid ink bread, but well, guess this isn't my cup of tea! 3.2/5

Well, though my experience there wasn't that great, I won't be striking it off my list yet 'cos since its a BAKERY, I've to try more of their breads to decide! I'll definitely be going back, but on a weekday when their breads are not mostly sold out. The wait staff there are all SUPERDUPERRRRRR friendly and smiley!!! Really! Always smiling, always ready to help and are so friendly! Esp the male cashier and the ppl behind the counters getting your bread for you. 

Oh and dont worry if the bread/pastry you want it sold out, either wait patiently till it comes outta the kitchen or sth else comes out OR ask the cashier to check if they're baking anymore currently! The replenishment of bread is quite fast so it shld be ok! 

Singaporeans really do love bread huh, and love the name of a Parisian baker, and the novelty of a new bakery haha it was reallyyy crowded ytd and from what I know, today was v crowded too! 

Oh yes, they're opened by the Spa Esprit group who also owns 40 Hands, Open Door Policy, House, Tippling Club, Skinny Pizza.... WOW.

Oh and, my parents tried the croissant and choc croissant, will ask them for opinion then get back to y'all! :)

Croissant: My mom says its vvvvv buttery and fragrant! So she loves it 'cos she's an ardent butter fan :) Have yet to ask my Dad abt choc croissant!

Tiong Bahru Bakery
56 Eng Hoon St


  1. so what is the verdict for the croissants?

    1. Sorry! Just updated :) thanks for your reminder!

  2. I am surprised that it is so crowded already! Normally it takes one or two months for new places to get noticed!

    1. Guess its because there are many write-ups about the bakery in magazines and newspapers? :)

  3. hey what's that chocolate sliced cake on your desserts pic? I go TBB often but nvr c that b4! :(


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