Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Osvaldo/Ristorante Amarone

Have been wanting to try out Osvaldo's new restaurant, named Ristorante Amarone since it first opened its doors! Didnt manage to find their menu online and only 1 blog entry about them so I was rather nervous about dinner! Not sure if it'd be good! But luckily the food turned out above average (:

Directions to the restaurant's really simple, just take exit F towards Robinson Road from Tanjong Pagar MRT then you'll see the sign to Capital Towers! The whole journey's sheltered so no worries in the crazy Singapore weather! Sidenote: omg really cannotttttt stand the huge-ass downpours during late afternoons + evenings!!!! Spoils everything >:/

Interior of the restaurant

The seats are really comfy, like those vintage chairs where people sit in to smoke cigars haha. Setting feels like you're in someone's study! Tables ARE quite close together but the staff will space everyone out as long as its not full house.

They have daily specials for appetisers and mains + pastas as well!

Amuse bouche

I'm not sure if this is really meant to be an amuse bouche but if it is then it's a little ridiculous? Cos its just bread with mayo frozen veg on top? Yknow those kind of frozen veg you can get frm supermarket with corns/peas/carrots etc? Ya its mixed with mayo and put on top of the bread? I didnt touch it but the bestfriend who ate it didnt really like it.

Agnolotti with Veal Sauce

Agnolotti is a type of ravioli typical from the Piedmont region of Italy! This was the best friend's pasta and she said she really enjoyed her pasta! From what I can tell, substantial fillings that were well marinated, yummy sauce!! Cos she didnt leave any (: 4.5/5

Pan-seared Atlantic Cod with Vegetables

This was the "fish of the day" or actually, the Wild Fresh Fish according to the menu! It was quite a thick slab of cod, well worth the $33. The vegetables were done so nicely! I really enjoyed eating them! The tomatoes were roasted and were brimming in the sweet tomato juices! Zucchinis, carrots, etc were crunchy and sweet. Loved the light sauce that came with my main as well! The cod sadly, isn't as good as Alkaff's! It was not soft enough to my liking though it flaked easily when I used the fork. Also, the skin was a tad too salty!!!! 4/5

Half way through our mains, our bread basket came -.- Think there's a difference in their service because other tables all had their bread baskets + sauces to go along I think and we only had ours mid-way. Plus our bread was reallyyyy hard and tasted stale? It was kind of rubbery :/ Both of us didnt touch the bread after a bite.

Torta al Limone
Lemon Tart

For that small a slice, I think its not really worth it? But this lemon tart was quite good! One of the better ones in SG! The lemon curd was just tart enough to wake you up but not too sour such that you'll squeal! I think the top layer was a little caramelized. The tart was crumbly and a little buttery but could be a littttle bit thinner! However, I have no complaints, it was really a good tart lemon tart (: 4.6/5

Crostata di Marmellata di Albicocche
Apricot tart

Again, didnt think its worth the $14. Do rmb that this is before GST and Service charge! However the best friend liked this!! I tried a spoonful and I didnt manage to taste the apricot but the creme tasted like eggs!! Haha. Really like how they design the plate though and not just the tart alone in the middle! 4.5/5

Complimentary Linzer cookies

Didnt like these. The jam was too thin, couldnt taste it and the cookies, ok soft and crumbly but had no fragrance?

Service was prompt and rather friendly. Food is definitely above average though some tweaking is needed! Definitely going back again with my family to try out their menu! Its not like the usual stuff you can find in Italian restaurants though they definitely have the classics. Lemme recall what they have:

Their menu's divided into "from the sea" and "from the land". So I'm only talking abt mains/pasta now! Didnt really look at appetisers! They have seafood ravioli, fishermen's risotto (tomato based seafood risotto), sea urchin pasta with zucchini, grilled king prawns, wild fresh fish, carbonara, and not sure what else sorry!! But quite a interesting range of food! (: Pastas are in the 20s range while mains go for 30+!

Desserts - the 2 tarts above, creme brulee, tiramisu, choc cake, pear cake (ran out today), profiteroles, creme caramel (all $14 each!! Which is PRICEYYYY!!!!)

Ristorante Amarone
Capital Towers

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