Monday, April 9, 2012

New Restaurant: Le Petit Cancale

Read about this new French seafood restaurant opening last week, so the boy and I trooped down on Friday night for a good seafood meal (:

The restaurant's located at Duxton Hill, near Latteria Mozzarella Bar and Toucan Bar! Once you walk into the restaurant, there's a seafood counter showcasing the fresh seafood available!

Below's the menu:

They also have a few hot mains like maine lobster (they have 2 diff cooking methods), lamb rack, sea bass or snapper (cant rmb), oyster gratin (3 types), a soup and a white asparagus appetiser I think! Then a page of desserts! (:

Menu's quite limited in terms of hot food but seriously, the seafood platter is more than enough to satisfy (:


Comes with butter that's white in colour! The bread's dense and filled with seeds I think? Could be warmer!

Interior of the restaurants. Tables are quite close together in some parts

Look at the mini Tabasco sauce bottle!!

(Left, Belon 00, $13/piece):  Just like what the menu suggested, this weird shaped oyster is light and firm. It isn't the kind that tastes purely like salt water, it was slightly sweet and slightly salty. As for the nutty flavor, sadly, we couldn't taste it. Probably because we aren't oyster connoisseurs? 4.3/5

(Right, Tsarskaya G, $9/piece): The waitress recommended this to us because we told her we wanted something fleshy and sweet, not like the Fine de Claire N3! However, do note that this is STILL quite salty though definitely fleshy. 4.4/5

Notes from the waitress abt oysters on the menu:

1) The Normandes N4 is v small
2) Sauvages Hermelles N3 is quite sweet too but ranks 3rd aft Tsarskaya G and Belon 00
3) Fine de Claire N3 (by me): salty!!!
4)Tsarskaya M is also q sweet
5) Bouzigues Mediterranean N2: LIKE DRINKING SALT WATER!!!!

So depending on what you prefer, choose the type of oyster wisely~ If in doubt, ask the friendly wait staff and they're more than happy to help (:

(L-R) Bell pepper mayo, Garlic Mayo, Plain mayo, Seaweed Mayo, Tartar Sauce

 Sauces to go w the platter shown below!

 Our beautiful Crustacean Platter!
1/2 Maine lobster, 1/2 Brittany Crab, 4 Langoustines, 4 Prawns and MANY shrimps 
For 1-2 people

We were really excited when this arrived at our table!!! Look at the array of seafood! Bet you'd be salivating now if you're a seafood lover (": hehe. It was so good. Everything tasted super fresh and we totallyy gorged ourselves with the sweet tasting fresh seafood!

Will talk about the Brittany crab below, but for now, introduction to the other members of the platter!

Maine Lobster: The lobster flesh was succulent, undoubtedly fresh, and the roe was good too! The meat had a springy bite to it though lacked a little sweetness as what I had in 10@Claymore.

Langoustines: This tasted really like the yabbies from Australia at Olive Tree's buffet the other time! The meat was firm, juicy and sweet!

Prawns: Thought the prawns weren't that good comparatively! Not sweet, though firm and juicy fleshed too. 

Shrimps: There were too many shrimps I felt haha we got quite sick of the taste? It was quite salty!

Brittany crab: This was definitely the highlight for me 'cos I love roe! And look at that shell, brimming with crab roe (: I know, high cholesterol and stuff but who can resist that? I dug in happily and there were little hints of sweetness in the roe. 

The crab flesh itself was sweet and juicy too!! A must-try!!

Oyster gratin with Camembert cheese

This was a nice way of eating oysters, we felt. The cheese went well with the oyster as we were able to taste the cheese and surprisingly, the oyster too. The cheese hid the saltiness of the oyster very well and only the sweetness of the oyster shone through and that is what I liked about it 'cos I don't like salty oysters! The cheese taste was quite faint but best recommended to be shared 'cos the cheese can get a bit jia lat after awhile (ie a bit overpowering). Only complaint was that the oysters were a little small! 4.5/5

Buttery Salted Caramel Lava
(15mins wait)

The cake on the outside is so delicious! Feels like a marshmallow, soft and a little chewy. On the inside, it's like a volcano erupting with hot, flowing salted caramel. Look at the 2nd pic and drool my friends. When eaten together with the cake, it brings on another kind of 'explosion' in your mouth. For fans of salted caramel, or caramel in general, please, you must try this! It is not too sweet so you won't get irked out by it! Brings lava cake to a whole new level! The ice cream was a salted caramel ice cream and was v good on its own w the crispy flakes below it, else for a complete salted caramel experience, pair it with the caramel lava cake!

Champagne sorbet & Apple Tatin Sorbet 

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the 2 sorbets!! But they were big-sized ones, like those from Udders/any ice cream parlous in Spore nowadays! And boy oh boy was it good! 

Initially I was skeptical of how Apple tatin sorbet will taste like (Apple tartin is a French apple tart, the one w thin puff pastry base and caramelized apples on top?) but oh WOW first mouth of the sorbet and I was like "You HAVE to try this, it tastes totally like the apple tart!!!" and it was such a joy to eat! The taste of caramelized apples with hints of cinnamon in sorbet form, mmm. I can still remember the taste now! A must-try I'd say! 5/5

Champagne sorbet was STRONG. Really brimming with champagne haha this could knock a little kid out I suppose? Wonderful sorbets they have! This is also a must-try! 5/5

The service there is friendly, helpful and prompt! They'll change your plates for you and dishes will come out one after the other and not all at once because well, the table can't take that many dishes and cos you need to have time to savor your food! The boy and I didnt want the oyster platter 'cos we only wanted to try a few types of oysters so we didnt order the normal mixed platters recommended like the "La Petit Cancale" platter which is a mix of oyster + crustaceans! So it would depend v much on what you wanna try! The boy regretted not ordering the lamb, and we said we're gonna bring our families back for good quality seafood next time (:

So we'll definitely be back! 

La Petit Cancale
37 Duxton Hill

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