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Guy Savoy

I decided on Guy Savoy for my bday dinner with the parents because 1) Guy Savoy is a celebrity chef with Michelin stars, 2) They have a dessert trolley!!! 3) We've been wanting to try his food for quite some time now!

The website says "For Guy Savoy, fine dining is a sensory experience" and it truly is a sensory experience at Guy Savoy!

Freshly shaved Joselito ham

This was so good. To those who love Spainish jamon (pronounced hamon), or ham, please you must try this! Even if its not at Guy Savoy, try it wherever you can find it! It is so different from the normal iberico ham from Spain or any other Spainish jamon! Why? Its because they use 100% pure bred iberico pigs and due to curing + diet of the pig!

Each piece is thick (not flimsy or thin like the normal ones you get frm restaurants) and there's a firm bite to it. Looks v salty, but the salt hints and teases your tastes buds, enhancing the flavour of the well-cured ham. Fat content balances the firm bite of the ham and gives it just enough contrast to make this dish a good one. For someone like me who doesnt really eat meat, I loved this (: And so did my parents!! Definitely ordering this again in any restaurant. MUST-TRY 5/5

Fish! The restaurant is adorned with such tribal fish and its from Africa!

Amuse bouche 1: Foie gras with Toast and black truffle vinigrette

Honestly, couldnt really taste the foie gras but truffle sure smelled yummy! (:

Amuse bouche 2: Parmesan waffles with black pepper

This was a unique take on waffle pairings and I'd say, I like this savory pairing! Light waffles accompanied by strong cheese, slightly melted!

Focaccia bread

The waiter brings pushes a trolley over, sitting on top is a plate with a rounded focaccia, hot and crispy, slices it into pieces on the spot for you and presents it to your table. Think it had a bit of rosemary in it but not that I could taste it! A little crusty, but not as good as I'd expected!

Butter! There's salted & unsalted! Placed in cute containers!

The view from Guy Savoy

Amuse bouche 3 Part 1: Mushroom soup with leek and daikon with Spanish Salt

This was light and perfumed with a mushroom taste!

Amuse bouche 3 Part 2: Arugula royal herb salad with chips

Dont think its just a soup! Lift it up and there's something below!! This was a nice surprise (: And the salad was refreshing, a tad sour, cold, and as the green-ish thing at the bottom is soft, the chip provided a good textural contrast when eaten as a whole!

Below: Oyster in gelee and two new styles

Actually, I'm not too sure if this is under the oyster dish but this was a mixture of root vegetables think they're winter root vegs, not sure! But they were sweet, sliced thinly enough and great appetizer dish! 4/5

Oyster w gelee

Actual oyster, plump and juicy! With oyster jelly (doesnt really taste like oyster!) and oyster cream (this whitish bit at the end. Again, doesnt really taste like oyster!) Gave such a rating because only the oyster itself is good, the oth 2 jelly + cream didnt shine 3.6/5

Oyster soup (I think)

This was okay, cant really taste much!

(L-R) Chestnut roll, cheese roll, crispy mini baguette and not so crispy baguette haha

The crispy baguette is duh, crispy, a tad hard tho, chestnut roll, only the surface smells like chestnut! Else its pretty much a regular roll with a nutty aftertaste!

Below: Maine lobster raw-cooked in cold steam

Lobster Carpaccio with glucose and mixed winter veg (not sure abt the back but I rmb a glucose sth! Haha sorry)

The waiter will ask you to prep your camera and turn it to video mode haha and then proceed to pour this and there you have it! Haha it was quite an experience. But sadly this dish didnt shine. 

Cold lobster soup

It was supposed to be eaten as 1 mouth carpaccio, 1 mouth soup as the acidity of the lobster soup will balance the sweetness of the lobster meat in the carpaccio. However, we could barely discern what we were eating in the carpaccio, sad to say, even the lobster, and the soup did not taste like lobster at all though it was sure acidic! Sour I mean haha. So yea, besides the visual experience, this dish didnt do much for me taste-wise. 3/5 

Artichoke and black truffle soup, toasted mushroom brioche and black truffle butter 

Now this is truly the Signature dish of Guy Savoy. This doesnt disappoint at all! The soup, creamy and filled with the nice aroma of truffle. Parmesan cheese on top adds creaminess to the rich soup, perfuming it is the piece of black truffle atop. Yummm in each spoonful! They suggest you to dip the brioche into the soup but lemme just warn you that the brioche is a tad hard to break apart prettily (ie there will be lots of bread crumbs on your plate if you do it) so I suggest just dunking the thing in the soup and "tearing" it from there haha. 4.6/5

Funny looking cutlery! But good thing is, the cutlery kinda "fits" the bowl? Especially the spoons! It allows you to scoop up whats in the bowl till the last drop haha.

Crispy sea bass with delicate spices

The spice blend at the top of the plate includes: szechuan pepper, javanese pepper and mustard seeds. The foam near the fish consists of: milk infused with cardamom, vanilla and ginger. The scales, the circle/coral like thing in the middle of the fish, are totally edible!

The sea bass was okay, delicate, not much taste on its own but with the help of the foam + spices, it was quite good! Scales were okay as well, quite a new experience to eat the scales! 3.8/5

Pan-seared duck breast with black currants, turnip and yuzu
Black currant coulis and tulle, yuzu marmalade

I really liked my Dad's main! The duck breast was seared till medium rare, so soft and just brimming with the natural flavours of the duck. I really love this kind of au naturale taste of meat and the French do this really well. Pity most French restaurants serve duck confit instead of pan-seared duck breast :/ 4.7/5

Pigeon "poche-roti" in winter-spiced crust, golden turnips and roasted wild mushrooms 

There was this tinyyy pigeon leg that was really tasty, full of flavour. Its meat was cooked then lightly poached and coated with spices like nutmeg! Again it was done medium rare as per our instructions to the waiter, and I loved this too for the au naturale taste of the pigeon! I really love this way of cooking, not masking the natural taste with too many things (: 4.5/5

Pre-dessert: Floating island
Apple Jelly, Egg white + Strawberry, with orange and apple coulis, anise tulle

This would be much better if it were a little colder but nonetheless, good palate cleanser after a meal! Light and tad sour, all the different textures went well together!

Apple textures!
Apple juice, apple chips and apple sorbet

The apple sorbet was so refreshing!!! However I didnt think its worth the $50 price tag :/ 3/5

Chocolate Orb
Hot choc sauce, thin choc layer with pineapple sorbet, pineapples and ginger

Again another visual experience! The waiter brought the orb over and said "take out your camera, you might want to video this!" and then aft I was ready, poured the hot choc sauce on the orb and melted the thin choc layer!

I know the ingredients sound a bit wonky, like what? Such an eclectic mix however it works well together IMO! Mom didnt like it that much though! Good quality chocolate that went well with the slightly tart pineapples and hints of ginger! 4/5

As my Dad told them they were celebrating my bday for me, the staff kindly gave us a complimentary cake! (: IMO, this cake was the best dessert hahha. I ate it the next day but it was good. Crispy crunchy praline layer with a luscious rich dark chocolate layer on top. Couldnt stop eating it!!! (: 5/5


This is diff frm Joel Robuchon's. It has more tarts, pastries, puddings vs Joel's which has more choc truffles! And I tried EVERY SINGLE THING available (:

Earl Grey cookie - not much earl grey taste sadly!
Dark almond truffle (darkest thing at the back) - This was good! There's also a milk choc version
Jivara tart (milk choc) - tart base was ok, just right thickness and ganache was good too
Madeleine - just alright
Passionfruit macaron - Strong passion fruit taste!!! Yummyyy!
Not sure what the cookie is in front but wasnt memorable!

Coffee tart (at the back) - this was yummy!! Doesnt have a tart base tho, its just mousse but good!
Raspberry tart - Studded w raspberries, doesnt really have the buttery tart crust taste :/
Blueberry financier - Not bad only

Hazelnut eclair with praline - This was a new pairing I've not tried and I must say it was good!! Would be better if the choux pastry wasnt that soggy but this was a small thing, overall, still yummy!
Grapefruit tart (back) - Again, nothing nice, average, cant really taste grapefruit/anything
Jivara tart (Dark choc) - Loved the dark choc version much more! :D
Coconut choc truffle - This was okay?

Choc mousse: rich dark sinful yummy
Rose rice pudding - I really liked this!! Finished the entire thing by myself with exception of a spoonful frm my Dad. Yummmm. Hints of rose with the warm rice pudding, comfort food (:

Vanilla Ice cream - No strong vanilla taste sadly :/
Strawberry sorbet - Nice and refreshing, better if it were colder!
Coffee Ice Cream - Good!

Post-dessert: Earl Grey Tea Sorbet
This was the best!!!! Strong earl grey flavour and slightly sour!!!! Best best post-dessert to wash away all the sweetness :D

In conclusion, having tried Joel Robuchon, I'd say, quality of food from appetisers to mains to desserts, Joel wins hands down. Guy Savoy's is more of a visual experience, though the taste may not be as good in most dishes. My family agrees that Joel Robuchon's better for the price tag we'd have to pay! 

Guy Savoy definitely has wonderful service as well, everyone's really polite, friendly and funny! Mostly Indians working there, haha I wonder why! They really make you feel welcomed and happy eating there (: However, for the price, I think I'd be going back to Joel instead!

I'd recommend yall to go for the lunch menu at Guy Savoy because its MUCH CHEAPER, same desserts at $35 instead of $50 at dinner! So yup go for lunch and try out the food first, the menu's largely similar (or same I think) and at a MUCH cheaper price!! Lunch is only served on Fri and Sat tho if I'm not wrong!

Guy Savoy
Marina Bay Sands

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