Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Edge Pan Pacific Sunday Brunch

The best friend wanted to go for a Sunday Brunch buffet, and I've been wanting to try edge's Sunday Brunch after my good dinner buffet here almost a year ago! I would say the Western spread this time wasn't as fantastic and somehow compared to Lime's, it just lacks a bit of that quality and oomph factor. Here's the spread:

Chocolate truffles! Very interesting flavour the white one - its pandan white chocolate!

Top row: Rum filled chocolate, Matcha White Chocolate and some other chocolate one!
Bottom row: Champagne jelly, panna cotta, berry cake

Array of desserts!! 
First row: Far left is apple crumble, then carrot cake, then apricot tart
2nd row: cheesecake, forgotwhatthatis, chocolate cake, assorted cookies

Wide choice of ice cream! Theirs is the biggest selection of ice cream I've come across in buffets! Mix of sorbets and ice cream. There's also a crepe & waffle station that I didnt photograph but its in my previous dinner post on them!

Local desserts!

There was even mooncake!

Fruit tart, chocolate tart w kirsch cherry, raspberry white choc dome, some layered cake that was unnamed


Thai salads but this time didnt include mango/papaya salad

Cold Seafood!!!

I liked their range - yabbies, oysters (good), prawns, Alaskan king crab legs, scallops (not pictured)

Yabbies - okay
Oysters - we felt it was quite good!!
Prawns - didnt try
Crab legs - sweet and shells already cut so really easy to eat! Ate q a lot of this
Scallops - okay

Tom Yam Soup! They mix in the ingredients based on what you want

Spices and all


Some Thai mains I assume? Not v sure

Sashimi! Cut on the spot. Their spread is quite limited though - salmon, tuna, octopus.

This salmon sashimi is not too bad, slightly above average.

Items you can choose to grill/teppenyaki on the spot

Just pass the "stick" from the box on your table to them and they'll deliver it to your table!

Western food
I know it looks bad but sorryyy its cos of the lighting!

Quiche, potato wedges, assorted danish pastries/croissants

Mushroom soup (the best friend said its not bad!) & broccoli soup

Pork ribs

Spread of mains

Somehow there's quite a lot of veggies in this spread but it also has
Grilled tenderloin (the best friend ate quite a lot of this cos she said its not bad!)

Indian curries & mains

Prata, naans, curries

Satays & otah

Asian mains

Fried noodles x mee tai mak

Dhal - quite diluted for me!

I quite like the naan for buffet quality! The tandoori fish is q dry. Veggies were all quite good. The salmon was okayish.

Mini pizzas!

Tom Yam Soup!

Spicy level is moderate

Selection of dim sum! They also have char siew pau and something else I cant remember sorry!

All these were quite average!

Foie gras on toast w berry coulis

I remember reading on their website that they have foie gras available at the buffet but we didnt see any foie gras! So we asked the servers but we asked 3 or 4 servers and they didnt know what we were talking about so they directed another person to us and he told us that its available but we gotta go to the chefs at the Western mains area and ask them for it.

TIP: foie gras is located where the "caving" station is at the Western mains area. Just go and give your "table stick" and tell them how many pieces of foie you want!

The toast is really crispy but the foie isn't too fatty or creamy to warrant the toast esp when you wanna save space for more food! The foie gras doesnt have a lot taste though and was quite subpar

Loved that they have a super super wide array of fruits for this buffet! They even have diff kinds of milk to go w your muesli etc and toppings etc. Some fruits and cheese here!

Carrot cake - quite okay
Apricot tart - not bad
Apple crumble - q good
Fruit tart - okay
Chocolate truffle - q good
Chocolate cake - okayish
Chocolate tart w kirsch cherry - q good
Layered cake - not bad but idk what it is
Champagne jelly - okayish
Soft chocolate - not bad! Q good

Durian pengat

This was SO good!!!!! Pure pungent fragrant (oxymoron I know) and oh so sinful but delicious! If you love durian, you'll love this :) The best friend was so happy cos she was leaving for London soon and she was so happy to have this before she left!

I would say this buffet, in terms of quality + spread, is not as attractive vs Lime (Part 1, Part 2
Service is not bad: polite, plates cleared regularly. But the best friend and I both felt that some were quite unfriendly/unsmiley.

edge Sunday Brunch
12-3pm every Sunday
$128++ per adult 
Inclusive of free-flow of alcoholic beverages including G.H. Mumm champagne, Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir and draft beer; and free-flow of one local beverage, coffee and tea.

$68++ per adult, $34++ per child (6-12 years old)
Free-flow of one local beverage, coffee and tea.

Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square

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