Thursday, October 10, 2013

Restaurant Week October 2013: Brasserie Les Saveurs

Semi-buffet dinner style! Appetiser + dessert buffet! Here are photos of the spread! Sorry for the poor quality + yellowish colour! It was the lighting there!

Really love the ambience!!

Heard a comment that the bread was hard

Tomato mozarella salad | pate | cucumber gazpacho | beef salad

Salads (mix it yourself)
Cold cuts

Salad (mix it yourself) (left)
Seaweed soup (right)

Chocolate fondue

Front: Chocolate tarts | champagne chantilly
Back: chocolate mousse | mango cake

Cheesecake | chocolate tart | champagne chantilly | lemon meringue | financier | brownie

macarons are for display only :(

Cheesecake | chocolate tart



Bread & butter pudding
Warm chocolate cake
Berry cobbler

Cheese trolley

Beautiful fountain view at dinner! It lasted throughout dinner :)

Beef salad: okayish
Cucumber gazpacho: not smooth, not soupy
Sushi/makis: suggest guys/v hungry people take more of these for some carbo!

Beetroot salad: it's really nice super sweet beetroot!!!! 
Grilled veggies: sweet and nice!

Tomato gazpacho: served to your table
Some notes: they dont tell you what it is, so I saw many tables just leaving it aside and not drinking it
Its actually quiet sour and minty! Quite a good appetiser!

Coq Au Vin

The boy said this was really tasteless


I really liked the salmon although the seasoning could be a tad heavier. The salmon was really tender and so soft, I was really happy with the texture!! The sauce accompanying it was creamy but a tad sour. The cabbage (purple thing at the side) is sour and tastes really good with the creamy fatty salmon!

Look at the texture!

Rock melon - really sweet!!!
Papaya - okay
Watermelon - really juicy
Chocolate truffle - super dark bitter and good!
Cheese - I like the spread!

ALL the tarts - tart shells are soggy and soft
Cheesecake (middle) - super light cheesecake 

Warm chocolate cake (blackish thing at the back) - SUPERSUPERSUPER good!!! I ate so many portions of this. It was warm with a crispy crust and the chocolate was so rich and decadent. 

The round chocolate ball truffles ran out so they replaced it with different chocolate truffles (Square ones) which had a wider variety - white & milk & dark chocolate. One has coffebean on top and kahlua inside - not bad. The other one is dark chocolate and is good! 

Its $55++ per person for the dinner and I felt that the buffet variety wasn't really very wide and the quality was quite average. I would rather pay $55++ for a real buffet or other restaurants though the chocolate cake was really memorable! Generally I felt that their chocolate desserts were really good.

Ambience: I loved the whole ambience! Its one of the best experiences I've had so far. There was a live singer with a heavenly voice throughout dinner, though I'm not sure if she's there every night or selected nights.

Service: splotchy. When they're attending to you, they're polite and smiley. But attentiveness was quite bad! Had to keep asking them to refill our water and it was q hard to get someone's attention.

I might be lured back for a meal just for the ambience :)

Brasserie Les Saveurs
St Regis Level 1


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