Friday, August 23, 2013

Pasarbella: Le Patio Paella

Seafood paella

After much hype about how good this paella (btw its pronounced pie-ya) is, I had high high hopes for it but a pity that it didnt live up to my expectations!! It was TOO wet/mushy/soggy and the fragrance of the rice/spices didnt shine through at all. At $11.90 a box, I thought it was not worth it for the lacklustre rice that I was getting. Though the amt of seafood is reasonable for the price.

I think the main draw it the hugeass paella pan in the window which really is a feast for the eyes, but pity not the stomach.

Le Patio

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  1. have heard way too many bad reviews of pasarbella...shd i even bother gg down to visit it?


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