Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rather New Restaurant: Sushi Kou

A new Japanese gem just opened rather recently near the famous Teppei and is equally affordable! T and I went there for lunch one day to find out how good it is.

Here is their lunch menu! Sorry some parts are blurry.

T and I both got the lunch sets, she got the Unagi Set with Sashimi ($30) and I got Special Kaisen Don Set ($26)

We sat at the sushi counter and to me, it is always a good experience watching the chefs in action. The chefs here are Japanese and a pair of Japanese ladies sat next to us (authentic came to mind). The jar to the left contains marinated seaweed which is complimentary and I thought was a great & nice touch! I ate quite a lot of it, its sourish which was good as a palette cleanser.

Complimentary seaweed

Salmon sashimi 
(T's set)

She was amazed at the thickness of the sashimi + freshness + kept exclaiming how yummy it is! So I'm assuming it was really good :)

Unagi Set with Sashimi

I felt that the unagi could have been a little bigger for the price. Though it looks kinda charred from this photo, it didnt have the burnt taste at all! I prefer mine to be a bit more fatty but T didnt say anything about that so its really up to personal taste! She said the unagi was good and overall she thought the set was really worth it!

Special Kaisen Don Set

There was quite a spread of sashimi for the price. Ebi, tamago, scallop, ikura, the smaller roe, salmon, tuna, diff pickles, sorry I cant rmb what other sashimi slices were inside but its more than this! I felt that the sashimi could have been a tad colder but otherwise it was q good a variety for the price!! 

Chawanmushi - was smooth and all like how a yummy satisfying chawanmushi should be like
Miso soup - was good too! Hard to go wrong la haha
Dessert: it was this sugary jelly thing that tasted q artificial, I didnt finish it, I'd rather they give fruits or sth!

Overall rating for the set: 4.2/5

Service was v friendly, constantly refilling our tea, not too intrusive. Sushi chef smiles at you when there's eye contact. Would prolly consider going back for Jap if I'm nearby but probably wont make it trip down specially for it! May be going back soon to try their dinner omakase!

Sushi Kou
1 Tras Link Orchid Hotel
64448433 (they take reservations)
11.30-3pm (Last order 2.30pm)
6-10.30pm (LO 10pm)

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