Monday, August 5, 2013

Oca Grassa

Have heard some good stuff about this restaurant so I made a reservation for the boy and I but we got a rather bad reception at the door. We went into the restaurant and were just left standing there not knowing whether to go upstairs or just stay downstairs. There were 2 people behind the bar (which you see immediately when you enter) but they just went about their own business, not even bothering to tell us to wait or say hello or wtv. 

Complimentary bread that was toasted till it was super crispy! I love the balsamic they use because its the thick kind that has a sweet after taste! But I dont like it that its in that cup-like thing because all you get is the olive oil and just a bit of the balsamic.

Selection of fresh market seafood with cherry tomatoes, vegetables & seafood stock
(Serves 2)

Honestly, this WILL NOT fill up 2 people. Unless the 2 have freaking small appetite. The variety of seafood was quite good - scallops, fish, mussels, prawns, squid. Generally tasted ok. The soup was v good though! 4.3/5

And they give you this small le creuset bowl for you to ladle your food into :) 

Slow braised beef short ribs w Garganelli pasta & glazed vegetables

The boy had this and he says:

"It was bad, prolly because I have tasted combat ration (what they give out during field camp in NS) before and it was the exact same flavour as the teriyaki beef one. Pasta was a bit hard and the sauce is sweet so if you're not into sweet meals, dont try this! Got a little sick of the sauce but luckily the cherry tomatoes were there to offset it a bit. But I wouldn't recommend it" 

From what I saw, the short ribs were significantly smaller than your usual beef short ribs! 

Pink guava creme with pomegranate granite & avocado pudding

The avocado pudding isnt like a strong overpowering avocado taste so dont worry about ordering this dish if you hate avocado! I loved the pomegranate granite + the guava creme! I think it goes super well w the pudding and hope that they'd give more of those 2 next time cos the boy and I finished them before our pudding finished! 4.4/5

Oca's Tiramisu
Espresso foam w mascarpone, masala sorbet & cocoa sel sponge

Well honestly this didnt taste like tiramisu! There's the lady finger in the white layer but when its broken up like that it doesnt taste like tiramisu and it wasnt that pleasant to eat either cos that white layer (i'm assuming the mascarpone) was a little to overwhelming. The sorbet was nice though and the foam too. 3.4/5

Overall I think the restaurant did not live up to my expectations! Well maybe I've tried the wrong dishes or something but ohwell the dishes didnt impress me or the boy so I dont think we'd be back soon. Service was adequate and quite smiley! Ambience was minimalistic!

Oca Grassa
6 Bukit Pasoh Road
Mon-Fri 12-2.30pm, 6-11pm
Sat 6-11pm
I went on a weekday and there were only 2 other tables so it may get a bit quiet so take note if you like/dont like this kinda ambience!


  1. Thanks for the warning. This restaurant just got pushed down on my To-Eat list.

  2. This is one of my favourite new restaurants. The dishes to order are the rib-eye or fiorentina. I also liked the cozze and vongole. Like you, having tried the pastas, I'd order something else next time.


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