Sunday, January 26, 2014

tart blanc

Being a dessert fanatic, I've long heard about tart blanc ever since its opening and have been wanting to try them but always to no avail. But! Managed to try them in Dec last year. 

Their shop space is really really small I think enough space for about 8 people? The tarts on display look super super yummy though and I seriously wanted to try all of them! And what makes this tart store stand out is the creative & unique mix of flavours that escapes from the norm. The tarts a tad expensive imo.

White clean design

This till the end of the tart display counter is literally the width of the shop

Pistachio Chocolate Tart

 This was silky dark chocolate with a crispy layer in between! My fav kind of chocolate cake in tart form! The crust was good and well honestly the pistachio taste isnt thaaaat strong you can't really taste it! But it adds a nice crunch. I really liked this one! I'm sorry my memory is failing me and I cant really remember details about this except 'was great! 4.3/5

Rum & Eve Tart

So this was a rum & raisin tart with pineapple as the base and honestly, we both loved this unique take on a tart! The flavours surprisingly went really well together and the rum isnt too strong till its bitter. The plump juicy raisins were a joy to eat. Pineapple base wasnt too overpowering as well and everything complemented each other perfectly! 4.4/5

Lemon Blackberry Tart

Now I remmeber very clearly in the description that this has lemon curd BUT this curd was not a curd at all. It was more like frosting or something because it definitely was not of a flowy consistency and was paste-y. This was unremarkable in both our opinions because honestly the lemon wasnt that tart, blackberry jam didnt come through at all. This was recommended to us as a popular fav/signature dish well I guess this just goes to show how everyone's palate is different! 3/5

In general, their tart shells are not too hard that its too difficult to cut but neither is it too crumbly that it just crumbles when you cut it. Tart shells are generally good and fragrant.

Note: they do have seasonal tarts so do look out for them! Super innovative as well :)

We need more local talent like that and not just those who follow the norm/what's popular!

They do serve some sandwiches/light bites!

tart blanc
Millenia Walk #01-102
Mon-Sunday 10am-10pm


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