Monday, January 13, 2014

New Cafe: Stirling Highway

Chanced upon this new cafe while on Instagram & the cakes looked great haha and it was near school! So I decided to drag the boy there on 3rd Jan!

They have all day brunch and desserts! Whats not to like! Their menu is shown on the website and here's the direct link to the menu.

Prawn Pesto
with sautéed prawns tossed in a homemade basil spinach pesto

I don't know how they cooked this exactly because the spaghetti looked a bit charred at some parts and it was like dry so I'm guessing they kinda fried it a bit? The pesto was q yummy no like strong shouting components to it (e.g. strong mint taste) and coated the pasta well. Prawns were crunchy and was a nice accompaniment to the pasta! My only gripe is that its a tad dry. Portions could also be a bit bigger for the price imo.

Pulled Pork Pancakes
Pulled pork in between 3 layers of buttermilk pancakes w Jack Daniel's infused maple syrup

Now this sounded too interesting to not order! It came sizzling hot, smokin', butter melting all. 

We were very excited to try this but sadly the pulled pork was WAY too salty!! Another table who ordered the same dish almost completely left out the pork and gave feedback that its too salty. The pancakes were alright, not as fluffy as I would've liked, a bit dense for me but still q good! Maple syrup had hints of Jack Daniel's but was really watery. The other sauce was kinda like BBQ sauce which was okay. But the salt level needs to go downnnn for the pork!

Dessert platter
Raspberry white choc cupcake | chocolate cake | earl grey choc tart

Their desserts!!! These were the real stars I felt. There was also passionfruit, and fruit tarts available. Cakes wise, lemon curd cake, flour less chocolate, sticky date (in the form of cake), and the chocolate cake above in the photo. Cupcakes wise that day was the above + PBJ + cookies & cream and I can't rmb what else. So we had trouble deciding what to get and yay to dessert platter! Where you can choose 1 cupcake, 1 cake and 1 tart! Separately, cakes costs abt $5, tarts $6.50, cupcakes I'm not too sure. So this platter is DEFINITELY worth it!

Raspberry white choc cupcake - The boy ate this himself. He is not a fan of cup cake but the white chocolate drew him to it. Not a usual cupcake with whipped cream, this one is topped with genuine white chocolate. He felt that the cupcake was a well complemented with the sweetness of the white chocolate while the raspberry makes it less sweet. White chocolate can be a little too creamy sometimes but this was just right. 

Chocolate cake - I don't really know what's the name of this cake but I loved it! I could tell that there was a crispy praline layer to this cake and knew that I wanted to order it and was glad I did! The chocolate cake + mousse layer in between was just nice in terms of sweetness! Not too dark, nor too sweet :) Loved it! And the crunchy layer just brings chocolate cakes to a whole new level :) really really enjoyed this cake!

Earl Grey Chocolate Tart - The guy there said they infused the earl grey tea themselves into the ganache. (I was craving for chocolate that day hence 2 chocolatey items chosen!) This was awesome as well but overshadowed a little by the choc cake! The ganache had a aromatic earl grey smell + you can taste it slightly. The tart was q good, not too crumbly nor too hard! All in all, a good tart :)

Mmmmm wonderful yummy cake :)

Stirling Highway
5 Ridgewood CLose Unit #G1, Ridgewood Condominium
Do note that they're NOT located in the condominium! After you pass by the condo on your left, continue walking all the way to the dead end and there should be a gate slightly to your left, walk through that gate and you'll see the cafe with its logo!
Singapore 276696

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