Monday, January 6, 2014

New Cafe: Hatter Street Cafe

Read about this cafe and how the chef here trained at Bo Innovation so decided to try it since its near the boy's house! We went to this cafe after our lunch + 4 tarts (which will be blogged about later) hence we couldn't really eat much except the waffle! 

The man gave us an introduction to the "story" behind the cakes and the smoked macau pudding had the most interesting story imo. The cakes sounded good but honestly looking at the price and how small  + thin a piece is, I didn't really feel like trying it anymore. Although in all honesty, it could've been great. 

The brownie (dark choc btw) looked SUPERB w its crackly crust and we wanted to do a takeaway but were advised against it 'cos they'd heat it up (so that its yummier!) and its topped w an ice cream when we eat it in house. I guess if we bring it home, it wouldnt be the same experience. So we didn't takeaway. A reason to return!

The cafe itself is quite small. With approx 12-ish seats?

Cute wall decal used as the menu

with vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce

You can also choose to have it w pandan ice cream & gula melaka sauce. If you're expecting crispy outside, fluffy inside, this is not it. This is crispy all the way! Which does have its own merits. The batter was fragrant but I'm more a fluffy inside crispy outside, thick belgium waffle, kinda girl. But this was q enjoyable too esp the crispiness! Didn't try the sauce cos am not a fan. Ice cream was good and went well w the waffles. I had to eat the waffle w the ice cream else it'd be a tad dry to eat. At 8bux, I don't think I'll be having it again only because its not my kind of waffles (as I've stated). 3.6/5

Service there is q good and friendly. More cafes should open in the heartlands! Will probably try more stuff soon and give a review! (after my exams that is haha, 21 jan onwards!)

Hatter Street Cafe
212 Hougang Street 21 #01-333 (same row as Nakhon Thai)
Tue-Sun 1pm-10pm

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