Sunday, September 30, 2012

New: Podi The Food Orchard

Cedele's new venture! Podi The Food Orchard. I'm not sure if the food there still has a healthy slant to it 'cos based on what I read on the website, it doesnt say anything about the food being healthy unlike Cedele's website!!! But nonetheless, this is definitely a place you should check out if you're a dessert fanatic :)

It has taken over the space that Cova Pasticceria used to occupy. Its an open restaurant concept.

Below are pics of the sweets on offer that day when we went down! Very interesting + unique take on desserts I'd say :) Something new in the Singapore dessert scene! Of course there are a few classics as well.

Bottom row consists of sandwich cookies.
 From L to R: Earl Grey Vanilla, Mocha Coffee, Chocolate Rose

Something new w 2 layers of cake filling inside (look at the reflection for the cross-section of the cake!)

This sounds v interesting!! Would love to try it when I go back again :)

This sounds v yummy :)

Oooh~ rum & raisin choc cake! Definitely a choice when I'm craving something chocolatey

Look at these hugeass whoopie pies!!

Hugass muffin!!

Next to this muffin they have savory cookies like a cookie w bacon!!


Below's their dinner menu! Part of the menu can be found in the Cedele All Day Dining menu! Am not sure if their lunch menu's the same. They have a brunch menu too I suppose but didnt get to look at those!

The stone-baked pide pie is like pizza! Quite big portion, enough to share amongst 3-4 ppl!

Look at the top of the list!!! Black forest pancake mmmm :) 

Basically the desserts are mainly what you can find in the cake shelf accompanied by ice cream!

Cinnamon Spiced Cake w Honey & Toasted Hazelnut Frosting

This was really good!!!! A totally new kind of cake in terms of textures. Its like an upside down tart kinda thing w the "frosting" on the outside - the thing that resembles soil. This has a crumbly texture but its packed tightly together so it resembles a slightly crumbly tart base. The cake slices are nicely moist (not overly moist) and then the middle layer is filled w toasted hazelnuts to give it that crunch!!! V nice contrast of textures! Can you see the small bits of hazelnut in the middle?

In terms of taste, since its a cinnamon spiced cake, its reminiscent of a carrot cake w/o the carrots! V nicely perfumed w spices I feel :) If you're a spice person, go for this! However, as the slice is quite big, do note that after awhile you may find it sweet and a tiny bit jia lat. So please do share this with people! 4.6/5

Podi Fruit Flan w Mango Creme and Cake Filling

This paled in comparison to the cinnamon spiced cake. Firstly, I kinda applaud the pastry chef for thinking of putting 2 slices of choc cake into the tart but honestly, it could do without the cake and just fill it w the nice creme that was a tad sour and have a more substantial tart crust! The cake was v moist though but didnt do much for the tart imo. Mangoes were sweet. Tastewise, this is quite normal, kinda monotonous after awhile 4/5

I feel that the service there was not bad, but do note that they do NOT serve complimentary plain water, you gotta purchase sparkling/still water or the juices etc drinks they have :/ Glasses were quite small tho from what I saw! 

Prices of the cakes/sweets are q steep but portions are big so I guess that's why? Though I rather have smaller slices, less expensive prices so I can try more!

The menu looks quite good for dinner and quite averagely priced. Maybe you'd consider paying them a visit after shopping in Orchard? :)

Podi The Food Orchard
#01-20A (behind the escalators to Metro)
Website (but not much info just their mission-like statement)


  1. the cakes here are seriously over priced. $12 for a piece of cake is atrocious.

  2. it is a decent n modest price to pay cakes made by cedele.for sure this is their upper class get quality n quantity.I won't pay silly at PS or TWG cakes as theirs looked nice but actually sucks!


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