Thursday, September 6, 2012

New: okb

Okb stands for 2 things: 1) their shop's address, One Kampong Bahru and 2) its sloga, Our Kind of Bakery! This is set up by Chef Jeremy Cheok of JAM (a provider of private dining in Spore) and his partners. Items are made fresh daily in small batches + everything is below $5 as seen below! 

(pic credits: okb fb page)

There are many taste testers in store for the pull apart bread, cookies, scones etc and I really love this concept!! Bakeries/cafes shld have more of these taste testers :) not that I'm being cheapskate, but I'd love to try something out before buying!

On offer in the chiller: a lone sea-salt caramel macaron (top left most), chocolate passion fruit macaron, lemon macaron.

Foccacias and assorted drinks!

Back row: Scones available - raspberry & cream, cranberry & cream
Choc tart w a raspberry jam layer

Front row: Chocolate cupcakes, red velvet cupcakes
Cinnamon rolls (LOOKS DAMN AWESOME!!!)
Almond pull apart bread, choc chip pull apart bread

Everything is served in a disposables, even focaccia and the soups served if my memory serves me correctly. Although it looks cute and nice, it doesnt really contribute much to environmental friendliness!! I told the guy I'm eating in and was still given this cardboard box. Maybe use plates instead?

Chocolate Passion Fruit Macaron $2
Chocolate Tart w Raspberry Jam Filling $3.50

Macaron: this is not your usual kind of macaron. Its very chewy, quite dense. The chocolate taste isnt overpowering and the subtle tanginess frm the passion fruit provides quite a nice balance. The texture is not something I like though! I prefer mine a little less chewy!! 3.4/5

Choc tart: for $3.50 I think this is a little small (compare its size to the macaron). The tart shell is thin, 3/4 hard kind of texture, the choc ganache is slightly bitter, smooth, 3/4 solid, and the raspberry jam layer is superduper thin, just hints of sourness when you take a bite. 3.4/5

I wouldnt mind going back to try out his lemon curd tarts (cos apparently that's what he's famous for!) and the cinnamon bun! I heard their quiche & scones are not bad too :)

This cafe's v close to Grin Affair, Nylon, and many many other eateries! Nice stop to pick up some desserts :) The interior's small, just a table w 2 long benches for dine-in customers. Owners are v friendly and helpful :)

Here's their map to help you guys out! (credits to okb Facebook page!)

1 Kampong Bahru Road
Mon-Fri 11am-6pm
6220 4711
Note: order at least 3 days in advance via fb/phone/email and get 5% off regular prices!

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