Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New: The Fabulous Bakerboy

This relatively new bakery cafe started just last month and I went down on a Sunday afternoon to check it out :) this was before they launched their full cafe menu and our main aim was to try their cakes anyway since its the fabulous baker boy :)

From what I understand, the guy behind the bakes, Juwanda, was v successful online so he decided to open this bakery with a few partners! The bakery is set in super pretty surroundings, just look at the pictures! I love the greenery and the relaxed atmosphere of this area. Just yknow makes you feel super relaxed and at ease :) all my trouble seem so far away.... If only I could just sit there, laze around and just let time go by :)

Front of the cafe and what you'd see! There isnt a big sign saying "The Fabulous Bakerboy" so just recognise this okay! Its like the only cafe like place there anyway :)

Nice cushion covers :) and a variety of chairs! Books provided here are all art related and you're free to browse!

Love the decor :) plus the kiddy touches here and there!

Table setting (everywhere kinda seems the same after awhile but still like the feel nonetheless!)

Entrance to all things sinful ;)

And may I add that I love the decor inside! Vintage with a modern edge

The person said this is v popular

What's on top of the very retro and cute looking fridge!

Apple Cider Cake

Think this was like $6.50/$7.50, same for the carrot cake below, for this huge-ass slice! This cake is superbly moist, so moist and soft that when we were about 2/3rds into the cake, the wind from the fan toppled the cake! It was like unstable and wobbly at first, then it toppled haha. Quite funny. There are chunks of apple in the cake and the layer of cream cheese outside isn't overly sweet. If you love your cakes moist, this is for you! Though I suggest sharing 'cos its huge

Carrot Cake

This was extremely moist as well but not as moist as the apple cider cake. It's jam packed with ingredients, dried fruit, raisins, walnut but somehow it isn't an overkill. I would've like more spices in the cake. I do really adore how the cream cheese icing is not like overly thick, just the right proportion and certainly not too sweet for me! The coconut slices was something different and I think goes quite well with the cake!

They have yummy sounding cakes like the almond praline cake and salted caramel cake and many more! The cakes here (at least those that I've tried) are extremely moist which is a good thing, but hopefully it won't become overly moist such that it loses the cake texture! 

They serve a small lunch & weekend brunch menu. Lunch menu consists mainly of soup, salad and sandwiches, while weekend brunch features things like pancakes (which looks v good and come in original, choc chip and apple cider flavours), eggs benny, etc. The full menu is up on their website! I'll definitely be going back to try more of their bakes and whenever I feel like I wanna relax in a nice envt :)

The Fabulous Baker Boy
The Foothills, 70 River Valley Road
Tues-Sat: 11.45am-9pm
Sun: 10am - 5pm
There's parking there though not a lot but should be enough!
Its right opposite Liang Court and look out for the small sign that says The Foothills! You'll see an NParks building there.

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  1. Went there last week, and I think it's not bad. Ordered the tuna melt as my main thou it looks like for 2-3pax. haha. Hope to post it soon :)

    Definitely going back for their bakes! Esp their apple cider :P


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