Saturday, May 26, 2012

Donq Bakery

Bakeries are one of my weak spots, and I'd love to go crazy in them but I have my waistline and my wallet to think of :) I was REALLY excited when I found out another famous bakery from Japan is opening in Singapore with a similar background as Maison Kaiser, French-Jap!

The store is reallyyyyy small but I sincerely applaud the people who planned the layout of the store as they really made use of every space possible!! Its new for me to see the circle-shaped thing in the middle to showcase the bread, the boards are all curved to fit that thing properly.

The types of bread on offer are mostly very unique, flavours and combinations that you dont find in normal bakeries usually, even the "celebrity" ones too which made me really happy and made me want to try out all the breads!!! But alas, I'm the only bread fan in the family and I can't eat that much bread! 

BUT I'll definitely be going back to try more of their breads 'cos the flavours just beckons me.

And it seems as though many people are caught up in this craze of bread too, not just at the newly opened Tiong Bahru Bakery! No matter WHAT time I went, it was always crowded and had a long queue, but like TBB, the queue always moves v quickly! And you'd better go early 'cos they sell out quite fast! I've heard quite a few customers telling the waitstaff that they came before but the breads were sold out alr.

The many types of bread on offer!

Thought this was quite interesting! Mentaiko France, its like a baguette but with mentaiko paste on it! Totally a French-Jap inspired bread :) Didnt buy this though so no verdict about it!

An Pan

What's special at Donq is that they have two types of an pan. One with the whole red beans like the one I've bought and the other's red bean paste (the usual kind of filling in an pans). Singapore bread lovers will definitely be glad to know that the fluffy fragrant bread enveloping the red bean totally reminds me of neighbourhood savory breads and hits all the right notes. Its pillowy, fragrant and soft, reminds me of my childhood too. The paste with the whole red beans (dont worry they're softened alr so its not like it'll get stuck and be hard to chew) wasn't too sweet but didnt have much aroma of red bean as well, I like that there are still some whole red beans in there albeit softened ones 3.6/5

Walnut Raisin Bread

I ate this few hours after buying it and the dough was kinda hard already, pretty well studded with walnuts and raisins but just an average bread to me. 3/5

Cinnamon Roll

The boy ate this and here are his comments: 'It was soft, with the right amount of raisins (usually there aren't raisins in cinnamon rolls right - that's me talking btw) in each bite. Cinnamon flavour is only strong at the top of the bun, I would give it 2/5"

Apple Sweet Potato Roll

I toasted this and had it for brekkie the next morning, it was crispy and slightly fragrant, small pieces of sweet potato dotting the dough and relatively bigger chunks of apples too. Thought it'd be better if there were more filling! Nonetheless a rather enjoyable bread especially since the combination is something new to me! 3.6/5

Figue and Noix

I LOVED this the most outta all! It was very VERY well studded with figs and specks of walnuts too. If you're a fig lover, I'm sure you'll love this bread! Best fig bread I've had so far :) I toasted it as well for brekkie and it was mmmm, I didnt even care that it was too hot and totally burnt the roof of my mouth whilst eating this haha. 4.6/5

(pic credit: Tanhsuehyun's fb)


My mom gave her verdict on this and said that Tiong Bahru's one was better! Idk if it was 'cos we toasted it the next day but my mom said it was very oily when she picked it up so she didnt like it and she felt that TBB's was more fragrant vs this!

They emphasize quite a lot on cheese with MANY of the mouthwatering buns on sale containing cheese. Like the Dutch Bread (looks like a soft pillowy polo bao with a crusty skin), Spinch and Cheese Cookie that was like a thicker version of the usual flat circle ream cheese buns we get (like those from Barcook), and many other breads with cheese.

They have savory options like Spinach and Sausage, this jap green bean one too and wasabi tuna etc

Sweet breads include things like this sinfully rich choc crumble tart lookalike, chocolate boule, chocolate bread that's apparently v good.

Go down and give 'em a try! If baguette's your thing, I was tempted to buy a whole baguette all for myself because it looks so darn crispy on the outside and soooo fluffy on the inside! Sorry idk how but that was what I pictured in my mind when I saw the baguette. Go try and tell me if it really is :)

Donq Bakery
B2 Takashimaya 
(just walk all the way in till after Cold Storage)

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