Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tiferet Tea Room

This tea room has been opened for quite awhile but I only happened to chance upon it few months back and finally visited in Aug 2014. Its situated in a mall that I didn't know of till I visited this tea room! In a quiet corner, with a nice chill interior, it is quite a good place to wind down after a long day.

They specialise in teas of course and had a extremely wide selection. They serve cakes as well and are apparently home-made if I'm not wrong! Also they serve savouries like sandwiches etc but I didn't take a photo of that menu sorry! 

N and I tried 2 cakes as well as their green tea and here's what we think about it!

Chocolate Therapy
9 layers of chocolate praline, dark chocolate sponge and milk chocolate ganache

Woah really 9 layers there and the layers are quite neat so kudos to whoever who made this! I loved that this was predominantly dark chocolate hence wasn't overwhelmingly sweet! Perhaps the crunchy praline layer could've been a little thicker/more layers cos the ganache + sponge was a little too much I felt. But overall it was a great great chocolate cake! Therapy indeed! :) 4.3/5

Matcha Azuki
Layers of light matcha sponge, matcha cream and red azuki beans

'cos they ran out of the cake in the cake chiller, they had to take this out from the freezer and so our cake was still semi-frozen when it was served to us haha they were v apologetic and told us to wait awhile before eating it but we couldn't resist the temptation! It was like eating an ice cream cake and as the frost slowly melted away, we could taste how it was actually like. Super soft dreamy mousse and sponge cake with a strong green tea taste! Great for green tea lovers :) 4.3/5

I forgot which green tea I drank but N and I both thought that there was nothing special to the tea :/ haha most likely cos we aren't connoisseus but anyhow they don't serve water so its best to get tea to go along with the cakes! 

I'm sorry I don't remember the price range but the cakes were about $6+ or more, but the tea I honestly can't remember! The place is not crowded, is a good place to chill and has many magazines on the rack for you to read as you chill :) you get a view of east coast road as well haha

Tiferet Tea Room
30 East Coast Road #02-17
Katong V
Mon-Sun 10am-10pm

Also! In celebration of the new direction Nuffnang Sg is headed towards, I'd like to say, thanks to Nuffnang I've had many opportunities to be part of events, tastings etc and have met many new people and well have been allowed to step into the media world, even though my experience is just a fraction of that world, I'm really grateful for the opportunities that I've been given. The one I hold closest to my heart is the media event for Chefs for A Cause 

Through this media event, I made new friends with other people in the media industry, I talked to extremely inspiring people who're behind this event and sampled amazing food :) Also I felt very privileged to be given the chance to help spread the word about such a worthwhile cause and was honestly very humbled and extremely heartened to know that kind souls still exist where they would do things for free for charity so that 100% of the proceeds will go to charity :)

So thank you @nuffnangsg #nuffnangsg #bloggerati and @bossming who started out this company :)

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